The film is a gift for the individuals who wish to dream, who wish to fly and who wish to feel and live each and every breath of their life. Directed by Zoya Akhtar and released in 2011, demands just one thing from you that you slip into experience mode and afterward go with the flow. Have confidence, you’re in for a happy ride, with loads of thrills, emotional banter, romance and camaraderie between a host of characters who seem to be having as much fun as you.

The film is a meditative take on growing up, turning into a man, taking responsibility for one’s actions, it has the fortitude to go for significant stretches with no dialogues. A scene where Hrithik Roshan does a Finding Nemo and another where the young men find the delights of sky diving is about simply being. Carpe diem!

There are many beautiful verses from the film, but if there is one verse that summarizes the entire film is this one:

Dilon Mein Tum Apni Betaabiyan Leke Chal Rahe Ho Toh Zinda Ho Tum, Nazar Mein Khwabon Ki Bijliyan Leke Chal Rahe Ho Toh Zinda Ho Tum … Hawa Ke Jhokon Ke Jaise Aazad Rehno Seekho, Tum Ek Dariya Ke Jaise Lehron Mein Behna Seekho … Har Ek Lamhe Se Tum Milo Khole Apni Baahen, Har Ek Pal Ek Naya Samha Dekhe Yeh Nigaahen … Joh Apni Aankhon Mein Hairaaniyan Leke Chal Rahe Ho Toh Zinda Ho Tum, Dilon Mein Tum Apni Betaabiyan Leke Chal Rahe Ho Toh Zinda Ho Tum…

It’s the second half of the film which emerges as a scintillating insight into friendship,emotional growth and bonding.All the three heroes utilize the excursion to exorcise apparitions from an earlier time and develop as free, unburdened spirits who are prepared to confront existence with restored force.

And the bull run at the end of the film turns into a metaphor for the unburdening of stifled apprehensions and unsolved conflicts. In any case, the excellence of the film lies in the way that it handles all this emotional aspect in a very poetic, lighthearted, breezy style which brings a smile to your face.

A class of its own, more than a movie it is an experience. It enrolls each feeling one might envision. All of the hero is experiencing either issue and attempt to unravel them by recalling what their identity is, the thing that they need, and what they have gotten up to now throughout everyday life. This is a film that inspire you to move ahead, let you be grateful of everything and the people you have in your life and make you feel alive at the same time.

This film is one such film that will make you think deeper. Each and every verse said by Farhan in the film is so beautiful and thought provoking. Here is a verse for you, that will always keep you motivated and going:

“Jab Jab Dard Ka Baadal Chaya, Jab Gham Ka Saaya Lehraya, Jab Aasoon Palkon Tak Aya, Jab Yeh Tanha Dil Ghabraya … Humne Dil Ko Yeh Samjhaya, Dil Aakhir Tu Kyun Rota Hai … Duniya Mein Yunhi Hota Hai … Yeh Joh Gehre Sannate Hai, Waqt Ne Sabko Hi Baante Hai … Thoda Gham Hai Sabka Qissa, Thodi Dhoop Hai Sabka Hissa … Aankh Teri Bekaar Hi Namm Hai, Har Pal Ek Naya Mausam Hai … Kyun Tu Aise Pal Khota Hai, Dil Aakhir Tu Kyun Rota Hai…”

You can watch this film at Netflix.

By Rajrita Chattopadhyay

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