Directed by Anand L Rai ZERO is a film about Bauua, a dwarf from Meerut who is 38 years old and still unmarried. He takes the help of a marriage bureau to find him a life partner but it didn’t help. He came across Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder who is a scientist in NSRA (fictional name for NASA) with cerebral palsy. They both fell in love but after 5 months Bauua dumped Aafia Yusufzai. After some time Aafia came to Bauua’s home and told about their relationship to his parents. Then his parents decided to get them married but on the wedding day, Bauua gets to know from his friend that he has been selected for the dance competition for which he had applied earlier. The winner of this competition would get a chance to meet Babita, a Bollywood actress who is Bauua’s dream girl. So Bauua left the wedding in the middle after informing Aafia to complete his dream of meeting Babita. He finally got the chance to meet her and Babita got impressed by his skills and offered him a job. He used to assist Babita to film schedule and parties. Babita made him realise his mistake of leaving Aafia. By realising that he actually loved Aafia, he left Mumbai and went to America to find Aafia and when he did Aafia refused to meet him. Bauua also came to know that Aafia had a baby and Bauua was his father. Bauua then applied to a mission of NASA to send a human to MARS and he got selected for the same. After his training he went to MARS but before that Aafiya confessed her feelings to him.

The film is nicely paced in the first have, filled with entertainment and laughter. Shah Rukh Khan brings his charm to the screen and skillfully played the character as a small-town guy with high aspirations mixed with a little arrogance. But the film completely gets off track in the 2nd half and the story takes an unwanted turn. In the second half, Bauua goes to America and gets selected to be the first human to visit Mars which seemed totally unrealistic. The film gets really slow in the last 30 mins and it almost becomes unbearable to sit any further in the theatre as the story was not moving ahead.

Shahrukh Khan as Bauua was good as a charming overconfident dwarf from the city of Meerut but his acting didn’t work because of the failure in the script.

Katrina Kaif has delivered a strong performance as an alcoholic heartbroken actress. It was fun to watch her but apparently, she was given very less screen time.

Anushka Sharma as Aafia Yusufzai played her character of a scientist with cerebral palsy well. She picked up the body language and traits of a person having cerebral plasy very well.

The film was entertaining and had a good amount of laughs in the first half but fell flat in the second. You can watch the film to see the individual performance of all the actors.

By: Preeti Dalal



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