Yeh Meri Family is a TVF web series directed by Sameer Saxena based on the summer of 1998 from the point of view of Harshu. The story starts with Harshu talking to his friend on the call about the summer vacations. They plan out how they will enjoy it but his plans are spoilt by his mother who arranged a Hindi tutor for him as his grades in Hindi were not good. At first, he didn’t like the decision but later got excited for the same.

  • Episode 2– Harshu planned his birthday by collecting money from his father’s pocket after he sleeps in the night for over 3 weeks. All his preparations were again spoiled by his mother who arranged a birthday party in the house itself by calling all the family friends and their kids. Harshu never liked such parties but when he saw his crush Vidhya at the party his mood got boosted and he became happy to see her at the party.
  • Episode 3– Harshu was also embarrassed in front of his friends about his father being fat and uncool, but at a cricket match his father showed his sports skills by hitting a 6 on just one ball which he played after which his father turned a hero in his eyes. Everyone at the match was amazed by his father’s sports skills.
  • Episode 4– Harshu was blackmailed by his brother when the latter found money which Harshu stole, therefore, took some favourite trump cards of Harshu. Harshu then found out his brother’s secret of having an adult magazine.
  • Episode 5- Harshu’s younger sister got missing. Episode 6- Harshu and Vidhya got to spend some time together.
  • Episode 7- Harshu’s brother left for his coaching.

Written by Saurabh Khanna, the screenwriting of the web series is it’s strongest part as minute details are taken into consideration. It is a perfect depiction of the 90s era.
Each family member is the centre of attraction of at least one episode. Harshu for episode 1, his mother for episode 2, his father for episode 3, his younger sister for episode 5 and his elder brother for episode 7. Episode 4 was dedicated to his relationship with his brother.

The relatability of the series is something which cannot be put into words. Nostalgia will hit you hard when you watch the series. You will be able to recall memories from your own childhood by watching this series. With every episode the theme changes but in continuation. The dialogues are simple and that’s why they appear so realistic. For example: “Chai peene se rang kaala ho jaata hai”; which is one of the most common dialogues used by our mothers to prevent us from having tea. In the first episode itself there were so many things with which a middle-class family could relate to like; waiting for mangos in summer, changing the grass of desert coolers every summer, irregular electricity cut and preparing the earthen pot for summers.

Every character has given an excellent performance and portrayed their roles very creatively. The supporting cast of Shanky and Vidhya also gave good performances. Shanky was Harshu’s friend, his greatest influencer and his partner in crime. You should definitely watch the series as you will experience great joy by watching each episode. You will see yourself as Harshu, your brother in his brother, your mother in his mother, your father in his father. Overall the web series will make you feel that it is a reflection of you and your family.

By-Preeti Dalal


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