Theatre performances differ greatly from film, having their origins in ancient religious ceremonies opposed to the latter’s early 20th century beginnings. As the foundation of all drama, theatre in Greece set the categories for tragedy and comedy, categories which are still used after 2,500 years.

Theatre Better Than Cinema?

It’s Immediate.

Films can spend years in production but theatre can be created extremely quickly and provide thematic immediacy. This can be critical for both political and protest art; theatre has the ability to provide a quick response to current events.

Similarly, with live performances unfold in front of your eyes without any editing for perfection. Something could wrong, and this probability transforms theatre into an exciting event. When everything goes right in spite of what could have gone wrong, it just makes a good show even better.

It Reminds Us That We’re Not Alone.

Theatre is alive and three dimensional, with audiences sharing an experience and space with the actors performing and their fellow audience members. Films and television don’t provide the exact sense of participation and intimacy that live performances have. This valuable sharing of experiences with live actors and audiences is a valuable and necessary component for human connection.


It Has Powerful Storytelling.

Stories are told by living, breathing people, which cultivates empathy within audiences. Theatre connects to how humans learn to connect to each other; storytelling is one of the oldest human impulses. And live performances provide an outlet for the most powerful manifestation of this impulse.

We have a need to tell our stories and to hear others’ stories, something that theatre allows in a flexible and democratic way.

It Continuously Sets a Different Stage.

Live performances may have the same script for every play’s performance but no performance is exactly identical to the next one. The audience will be different and the energy in the room will affect how actors perform.

Everyone has a distinct and unique experience when watching a play – something which can never be replicated. It’s exciting and exhilarating every time, something to not be missed! Children and adults alike can share in the wonder of a live play and feel the emotions behind every performance.

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