Ever explored something which makes you think of all the possibilities and tweaks your mind to think of something which is extraordinary and yet so subtle? Well, here’s a wonderful and relentlessly quirky movie which takes itself seriously, and yet it doesn’t. A coming of age story of two unrelated friends and their journey through specific out-of-the-box events, we are going to talk about “What are the odds”, a Netflix original.

What are the odds? is a Megha Ramaswamy movie, starring Yashaswini Dayama (Vivek) and Karanvir Malhotra (Ashwin) in the lead roles. The story revolves around a school bunk, which is a conscious attempt by Vivek to avoid giving a scholarship exam, and accidentally involving Ashwin in the middle of it. Vivek, an awkward teenage girl, is fed up of the norms of society and wants to lead a life with her own rules and thus, opposing conformism. Ashwin, on the other hand, is a responsible and straightforward boy who is clear with his thoughts and believes that maturity doesn’t come necessarily with age. The story moves forward after they bunk the school together.

Now, there’s no such things as spoilers for this film, infact everything you see would either feel eccentric or expected, and there’s no in-between. So, the adventure begins when Vivek who is secretly hiding a part of her, hangs out with Ashwin at her house with their little fish friend, Bunty (Goldfish). Vivek finds out that she hasn’t fed Bunty in a long time, and accidentally, Ashwin spills over the entire can of food in the container and due to overeating, Bunty dies. Believe it or not, this is portrayed as one of the most important parts of the movie. They bury Bunty at a distant place and there’s a lot of teenage conversation and beautiful melodies throughout the sequence.

Enter Val (Abhay Deol), who is a lead singer of a local band in Mumbai, and hires Vivek as a part of the band. Vivek finds him attractive and can’t help but in her own way, is infatuated to him. It is on the later half that it is revealed that Val has stolen the song composed by Vivek. But like the genre demands, a happy ending with unusual fantasy is a must. The positives of the film are the performances and score which make you sit for 1.5 hours. The story isn’t quite compelling and lacks a strong narrative. Its all over the place in some aspects and you feel that the director is trying too hard to confine to the expectations of the genre. Abhay Deol has given glimpses of brilliance and other side actors also play their part reasonably well.

All in all, if you don’t watch this film, its not a crime. But if you do, don’t expect an edgy and fun-filled ride. After all, the film’s narrative describes it as unusual. So, what are the odds of this film reaching your hearts?

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