Team Aniradichita witnesses and interacts with the cast and crew of ‘Welcome Zindagi’

A modern Gujarati play written and directed by Saumya Joshi was held at Sir Sayaji Nagar Gruh at Vadodara. The play “Welcome Jindagi” had a appealing experience for the audience. The play talked about the life of a family based at Mumbai. The theme of the play revolved around the challenges encountered by a working middle class father who hold on to his ethics and his son, who wants to break the shackles and pursue entrepreneurship. The play was performed on 20-21st November at Vadodara. The play is produced by Umesh Shukla and it is presented by Mansi Arts.

The play revolves around three central characters- Arun Ganatra-played by Saumya Joshi, a hard working middle class man who works at an administrative position at a company in Mumbai, Bhanu Ganatra-played by Jigna Vyas who is a home maker and has set her life working at home serving and caring for her husband and her son. The third character, Vivek Ganatra-played by Abhinay Banker is an aspiring entrepreneur who needs funds for the startup venture he wants to have in partnership with his childhood friend. The story revolves around the clash of opinion between Arun and Vivek. Vivek wants to pursue entrepreneurship but Arun is skeptical as he has seen business failures in his family. Vivek tries to assure him, about his unique business idea but Arun seems far from being convinced. Bhanu, tries to bridge the gap between the increasing clashes between the father and son. The three characters are a treat to watch as they are ice bound because of their own emotions and family mania.

Saumya Joshi’s natural acting is an ace performance as he gets to the details of the character of a middle class caring father, who is not good at expressing himself. His monologue in the play, where he gives his retirement speech is ‘unflinchingly truthful and spontaneous’. Jigna Vyas, puts up an excellent performance with her audience engaging short monologues, and her relatable dialect and body language. She delivers a natural nuanced performance. She binds the audience from her very first dialogue and was an absolute treat to watch !  Abhinay Banker, delivers a calm mellowed performance as he adopts the character of a responsible loving son who has immense emotions for his parents but also is ambitious for his career. Abhinay Banker delivers a very intriguing performance, holding on to the different shades of his character. The relatability established by the characters was the highlight of the play. One could feel the relationships strongly and also be intrigued about the story further.  The gestures and movements of the actors were believable and they used it to their best to justify their respective characters. The play is relevant for the current times, as the clashes between parents and the children have become common and the play has just adapted the relationship in the most relatable manner. The style of direction was simple yet enigmatic. It had connected the lines of all the three characters beautifully to establish and maintain their complex relationships.

The set was of a middle class household with the elements of typical Indian set up. It had the beautiful element of a pouring rain sequence much enjoyed and appreciated by the audience. The lights were apt and conveyed the proper mood and emphasis for the sequence and the characters. The music was a delight as it established the proper mood for the background. the musical qualities of the play were according to the accompaniment of the play. Costumes were apt, as they had a very relatable look and feel and suited the characters just fine.

The audience was hooked through out the play. The characters were very relatable as they delivered the day to day life sequences of a Gujarati middle class household. The monologues of Bhanu, where she talks about her day to day life with her husband and her son, engaged the audience very well. The audience was in rapt attention during the entire duration of the play. The emotional nuances of the play were delivered and received very well. The audience gave a standing ovation at the end of the play. The atmosphere during the play were filled with laughter, tears of joy and a pressing emotion of generation gap.

Actor, Scriptwriter Director Saumya Joshi was kind enough to have an interaction with team Aniradichita. On being asked how did he think about such a script he answered ” I have grown up in Mumbai looking at the struggles of a middle class family, which has always intrigued me, hence I decided to write this story”. he further added that ” It is always aspiration vs status quo, and in such situations- Mother, Father and son, nobody is wrong”. on being asked about the characters he said, ” I wanted to create a story where the audience would feel they are peeping into a household”.

About his journey of writing, directing and acting he said ” I write and direct at the same time, but I am a very reluctant actor”. He also added that it was a complete team effort for the play and actors Jigna and Abhinay contributed and worked hard with the script and put a lot of efforts. He signed off by appreciating the work of Team Aniradichita and wished the team a very good luck.

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