With Safalta 0 Km releasing on the 14th February, 2020, Gujrati Cinema’s First Dance movie, we got in touch with the Music director and Composer of the film who have done an impeccable job in making the outstanding songs that have created an exciting vibe for the film. Here is what the Music composer- director Duo Veeral- Lavan had to say about the film and their experience.

The Music Director duo Veeral-Laavan of Safalta 0 km

How did you become the music composer and director duo Veeral – Lavan?

In 2010 we met at recording studio where we both came for different purposes but ended up bonding. We shared our love for music and discovered it was a common passion. We are sound engineers by profession and it was in 2011 when we decided to go Mumbai to try our luck. We assisted Himesh Reshamiya, where were on board for the making of thirteen songs with his company. By 2015-16 we had made jingles, background score for films and composed music for advertisements and radio. We have also given music for theater and drama and composed singles with Zee Music Company.

Are there any roles divided amongst yourself when it comes to making music?

“Well a person can be both a music composer and a director. In our case we have not divided the roles as such but we predominantly take up the composition part amalgamating it with the technical aspect. The end product though is an instinctive result of both of us.” said Laavan Gone.

How is it being a music composer- director in Gujarati cinema and how is working in Gujarati cinema different from that of Bollywood?

There is no difference as such. We firmly believe that music has no barriers or boundaries. It is something that binds us irrespective of the language. The album of Safalta 0 Km is the testimony of the same. The beats and tunes are universal, which are not confined by the music of a particular region. We have on board singers like Divya Kumar, Bhoomi Trivedi and Keerti Sagathia who have lent their beautiful voices to our music making the songs truly come alive.

What are individual tastes and preferences in music?

We have common affinity for melody. We like to listen and make music that can be heard by anyone and everyone. Music is every evolving and so we keep ourselves updated of the trends and mould our music to suit the likes of the masses.

So that is a brief introduction to the outstanding duo Veeral-Laavan! We have a lot to share about them, their journeys and there songs! Did you listen to the songs of Safalta 0 Km? They’re now available on YouTube and your music apps!

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