The collective effort to fulfill a dying girl’s wish by overcoming petty religious sentiments and self-interest in the film, restore one’s faith in humanity. A Bengali language film directed by Srijit Mukherji, was released in 2018. The plot is based on true events surrounding the life and death of Evan Leversage, who lived in St George in Ontario, Canada.

Evan Leversage from St George in southern Ontario, Canada was diagnosed with a terminal disease and was not destined to pass away before the month of December.

Evan Leversage

To fulfill his wish of experiencing Christmas, the community of St George recreated Christmas in the month of March. Evan received Christmas gifts not only from Canada, but also from around the world. The story of this extraordinary gesture of humanity was recounted in various newspapers as ‘The boy who moved Christmas’.

Evan Leversage with Santa Claus

Srijit Mukherji, who was too moved away with this news decided to tell a story by adapting it in his own culture and titled the film as Uma.

Uma (played by Sara Sengupta) has been brought up by her father, Himadri (Jisshu Sengupta), in Switzerland. His mother Menoka (Sayantika Banerjee) left them when she was only two. Since childhood Uma has been listening to the stories of Durga puja back in Kolkata from her father, but could not attended the festival so far as she suffers from a rare, fatal disease.

Over the years, her longing to witness the festival only grows. When Himadri seeks the doctor’s (Marcello Scopazzzini) permission to take Uma to Kolkata during the Durga puja festival, he is informed of Uma’s depreciating condition. Uma, he is told, will not live for more than three months. Himadri, therefor, has only three months to fulfil Uma’s wish.

The journey of fulfilling her last wish and the efforts made by other people is something so pure and beautiful that it tells us that are ‘good people’ in the society who selfless will help others.

Mukherji who turned into a mastered the art of story telling and turns Himadri’s dreams into reality. He cleverly brings in Brahmananda Chakraborty (Anjan Dutt), a filmmaker director with a bombed profession. Brahamnanda is a recluse as his wife parted ways with him long back for his lack of attention towards her and their child.

Brahamnanda loans vision to Himadri’s fantasies with his edgy wish to make one magnum opus, an elective reality, in his life. He attempts to make up for himself of decimating all his child’s fantasies by satisfying Uma’s last wish.

Notwithstanding the sensational punch and a couple of superfluous augmentations, Uma leaves the crowd with crushing sadness. The aggregate exertion to satisfy a withering young girl’s desire by petty religious sentiments and self-interest in the film, reestablish one’s confidence in humankind.

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By Rajrita Chattopadhyay

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