Have you ever watched a web series which stays in your mind for almost a week after you watch it no matter however busy you are, it will stay in your mind all day long along with the dialogues which will keep on flashing in front of your eyes and brings a smile on your face?

Tripling season 1 is a TVF series directed by Rajesh and written by Sumeet Vyas. It’s the story of three siblings Chandan Chanchal and Chitvan who went for an unplanned road trip and found themselves and their relationship

Chandan after divorce visited Chitvan in Mumbai. Chitvan is a DJ by profession and has a huge debt on his shoulders because of his carefree behaviour. The only thing he is proud of is Tata Tiago and therefore they hit the road to Jaipur to meet their sister Chanchal. Chanchal is married in a Royal family of Jaipur with Pranav. Chanchal has spread a rumour about her being pregnant when she wasn’t. After a whole lot of drama Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan together hit the road again but this time, it included a lot of happenings and mishappenings before they reached their parents’ house in Manali.

The web series has 5 episodes in season 1. This is just a short brief about the web series as it has a lot more than this.
Written by Sumit Vyas himself the series has very strong writing and story plot and every episode has something different to offer. The story does not distract at any point of time and it kept moving. This is a kind of series that youngsters today crave for as it is a blend of comedy, emotions and drama.

The writing, direction, music, cinematography and every other thing are just flawless and close to perfection. To be honest, I really can’t find any flaw in the whole series.
It is a beautiful portrayal of the journey of three siblings. It is amazing to see how their bonding seemed very natural and authentic. The three siblings would laugh at each other and laugh with each other, they would also shout at each other and at the same time care about each other.

Chandan is the most caring disciplined and financially sorted amongst the three. Chanchal is rich and can’t tolerate nonsenses from anybody. Chitvan is the most careless sibling amongst the three and is always ready to find mistakes in the other two. All three of them just nailed their roles with their chemistry and their bond felt very true and brought magic on the screen. It is a great web series on situational comedy. All the siblings are broken in their individual lives, their lives are shattered but still, they are happy and together as Chandan says, “Jab bura waqt aata hai tab family hi yad aati hai”.The background music also added to the drama and supported the visuals very well. Chitvan is my most favourite as his character sketch is very interesting and has a touch of innocence in whatever he says or does.

I can’t be saying more about this series since I don’t want to destroy your experience of watching it. It is easy to binge-watch it in one go and it will make your day.

By- Preeti Dalal

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