The Gujarati community made a profound contribution in establishing the foundation of Indian cinema. The influence of Gujarati people in the setting up of film industry from the silent era to the Talkies, and through the golden year to the present state of film industry has been immense.

But when we talk about regional Gujarati film industry, it has gone through many peaks and valleys. Early Gujarati films in the 1940s to 1950s were mostly dominated in historical, social and religious subjects also, several films were based on the Gujarati novels.

In the 90s era, Gujarat films were influenced by the mainstream of movies (Bollywood), films were mostly based on Romance and action. In the early 20s movies were produced on the demand of rural community audience. Movies were mostly based on local narration, subjects and also the costumes and dialogues portrayed vernacular Gujarat or what we can say, the essence of rural Gujarat. Because of these sort of films the population of urban Gujarat could not relate and appreciate the content of regional Gujarati movies.

But the good thing for the urban population of Gujarat was, rising of quality based urban Gujarati movies. Gujarati filmmakers have started making films which are more related to the urban scenario of the state. Also, we can say that direction and language represent the real Gujarat to the world. The script, narration, direction, subject, acting even the music evolved very well that every generation of the state and also all the Gujus around the world appreciate the new era of Gujarati movies.

Comedy-Drama Gujarati movies (Source: Google)

Talking about most important things about new Urban Gujarati movies are it’s technology and good sets. Now directors can make a more realistic scene because of good location and latest technology. Also now we have good quality cameras and editing team. Apart from that, the Gujarati cinema has trained and talented actors, who give life to the characters and also, the promising directors who want to work hard and showcase their creativity through different subjects and real life experiences.

We can count “Kevi rite jais” movie directed by Abhishek Jain as a 1st urban Gujarati feature film, which got love and support from the audience in the year of 2012. In the year of 2015, the debut film of director Krishnadev Yagnik “Chello Divas” was a new ray in Gujarat film industry. This film changes the whole perception towards Gujarati films. Chello divas is a comedy-drama film about college life, friendship, relationships acted by Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni, Janki Bodiwala, Mitra Ghadhvi, Arjav Trivedi and many other Gujarat actors, who instantly shot to fame.

Chal Man Jeevi Laiye (Source: Google)

Then onwards trend of urban Gujarati film started, Gujjubhai The Great is the light-hearted comedy film starring famous Gujarati actor Siddharth Randeria also came in 2015. “Thai Jase!” movie in 2016 acted by Malhar Thakar and Monal Gajjar. It has the struggle story of a middle-class boy who wants to buy his own house in metro city Ahmedabad.

There are many more urban Gujarati films which got extreme love of Gujarati people and also made big success on box office such as Love ni Bhavai (2017), Chal man jeetva Jaiye (2017) Reva (2018), Sharto Lagu (2018), Ventilator (2018), Bau na Vichar (2019), Chal jeevi laiye (2019), Short circuit (2019) , Luv Ni love stories (2020), God keri (2020).

Romantic Gujarati Movies (Source: Google)

So now we can conclude that, Gujarati Cinema is producing optimistic films. They have a lot of things going for them: good real-life stories, great acting, perfect direction skills, better camera work, editing and better set. These films have set a trend of films that focus on real life, real people that is appropriate for the current state. Gujarati Cinema has a long way to conquer in film industry. The urban Gujarati films are setting junctures for future Gujarati movies.


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