The word “theatre” is derived from the Greek “theaomai”, which means “to see.” Theatre demands to get engrossed with all our senses into it which is applicable to the performers as well as the spectators. To express different stories in distinct ways is what theatre all about that ultimately helps you in creating meaning to your personal narratives. Although it is not limited till here, theatre has more relation with various aspects of our lives; following are the life skills that you will learn through theatre.

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1) Communicate in the right way at the right time

Communication skills are required in our whole lifetime in different ways. Theatre helps in developing the confidence that’s essential in speaking clearly, lucidly, and thoughtfully. So acting onstage teaches you how to be comfortable speaking in front of large audiences, and some of your theatre classes will give you additional experience talking to groups. Furthermore, your work on crews has taught you that clear, precise, and well-organized oral communications are best.

2) Plan your work and work your plan

Meeting the deadlines is one of the key elements of theatre. For that pre –planning, organizing and budgeting the time are the skills that are needed for scheduling your days very carefully with rehearsals, work calls, and the other demands that theatre makes on your time. So time management is another important life skill to learn from theatre.

3) Tackling problems innovatively

Various departments of theatre like acting, playwright, directing, designing have their essence in how creatively you solve the problems and make the best out of it. For one example, tech theatre work–building scenery, hanging lights, making props, running the show, and so on–is a particularly good way to learn how to think on your feet, to identify problems, evaluate a range of possible solutions, and figure out what to do.

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Setting up of stage for a theatrical performance.

4) Growing with DISCIPLINE

Theatre demands that you learn how to control your life. You are forced to make choices between keeping up with responsibilities and doing things you’d rather do. You learn to govern yourself. And discipline is a quality that will make you grow and help you achieve your aspirations in a structured manner.

5) It’s all about “us”

In theatre you meet people from all walks of life, which provide you an opportunity to learn about different ideologies and have mutual respect. Working on a production teaches to trust the abilities and talents of our colleagues. Moreover it demands that participants work together cooperatively for the production to success; there is no room for “we” versus “they” behavior; the “star” diva is a thing of the past. These are the skills that will lead you to understand the importance of teamwork.

6) Go beyond your limits

Theatre teaches to think and work beyond the boundaries that you set. You need to be willing to try new ideas, accept new challenges, and have the ability to adapt to constantly changing situations and conditions. In one production you may be a member of the prop crew; in the next perhaps you’re in charge of makeup, publicity or the box office; in a third production you might have a leading role. Similarly, changes are inevitable in life where our flexibility and adaptability is tested.

7) Confidence can make you do impossible

Your accomplishments in theatre show you that you can handle a variety of jobs, pressures, difficulties and responsibilities. A wave of self – confidence is felt with more practise and achievements in theatre and this is a precious life skill to absorb.

8) Consistent efforts are always worth

Failures are part of every theatre acts. But they are the one that makes you better each time you give your 100%. When in life you face hurdles this determination learnt from theatre is going to lift your spirits up and make you fight till you win.

9) Mindfulness is basic

Another most significant skill that is taught by theatre is being in a moment. By staying aware of yourself and the activities taking place around you is imbibed through working in a team of theatre. This skill helps you know about yourself first and then it enhances to connect very well with the world.

10) Empathy can make you better person

Blindly just accomplishing the set goals is not what is expected when you are a part of theatre. You get to know about others who are working with you, senior to you and even the juniors. Everybody is like a family where working things out through understanding each other is considered the priority. Isn’t it a very essential life skill to learn?

By, Khushali Thakar

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