The COVID-19 19 pandemic has impacted all industries all over the world and the film and television industry is one of them and producers and directors are turning to OTT stage while many have kept down their movies and are trusting that the auditoriums will open soon. Theatres give experiential experience to moviegoers. Envision a Bollywood Blockbuster film like Bahubali, which cleared the country in viewership getting delivered on OTT stages, would have murdered the super creation esteems, screenplay, and so on. The dramatic experience is indispensable.

The movies that are wanting to move to OTT were made for dramatic review gives an enthralled crowd to little spending films. For little movies with less saleable names, OTT ensures a more extensive crowd. They can likewise save money on print and promoting costs. Narrating can come out much better in non-business films or trial films.

Individuals over the world will even now be wary for the entire of 2020 and they will progressively grasp computerized diversion modes. Really, covid19 has affected the media utilization propensities and inclinations of the purchasers. The vast majority of the huge flag films have deferred their deliveries to the last quarter of the year 2020.

 Also, in both the platforms there is content war. The dramatic OTT break is felt over the gracefully chain. Film advancements have contracted from luxurious illicit relationships to online classes and telephonic meetings. In general, film makers need to reconsider their substance.

The two mediums, for the time being, are clutching their selectiveness with designs and the USP connected to it. The two of them, however serve a similar kind of substance, yet the reason and purchaser factors are unique. I may search for theater experience for 3D liveliness or much-anticipated deliveries; however, I would succumb to OTT stages more On-The-Go with more like narratives, interviews, webcasts, extraordinary interest substance, history, or web arrangement. It is bound to state OTT has affected progressing TV viewership as opposed to dramatic experience. In all actuality we as a whole appreciate heading off to the theaters which is something that will never show signs of change.

Independent of whichever medium is the victor, as per me, watching a film in an auditorium is an extreme encounter and I don’t figure individuals will actually quit doing that. It is an encounter; it resembles a family excursion for a considerable lot of us. 

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