“My happiness is in yours.” This is the solemn thing one says when in love. Often, a smile on the face of the person we love brings in us a new flow of energy and then the world seems to be a perfect place to live.

“I can do anything to bring a smile to you.”

“The only thing I care about is your happiness.”

“Your beautiful smile is the reason my heart still beats.”

I have heard many such mushy lines which are good enough to win someone’s heart and bring an instant smile on the person’s face. They seem to be the right ones for each other gradually and then world seems to tell another tale of true love. Here, comes a point when the tale has a turn. The happiness of one – now a problem for the other. Reason?

“That smile on your face is not because of me. The reason of your happiness is not me.”

The entire meaning of love gets a U turn and from the feeling of surrendering yourself to her happiness and independence, the only thing that remains is a pound of possession and a jet-pack of jealousy.  From loving her smile unconditionally, an asterisk is added to it saying, ‘*T&C Apply – love it unconditionally when the reason is ME!’ This is the point when love is forced and becomes conditional.

Love is free. Love is divine. Love is meant to flow. The flow of it brings you the perfection, energy and the will to live it. You can’t be controlled by love if you don’t let it flow. In a similar way, if you try to take a control over it, it dies a slow death. Love is the dew on a rose; it vanishes when touched. It is a drop of dew because it is on the rose, or else it’s just another drop of water: you try to touch the dew and you realize that the dew is a mere drop of water. What happened now? You have killed the beauty of your rose.

What needs to be taken care of is happiness, not the reason. The essence of a smile is not in its reason, it is in its bliss. Just glaze it’s beauty. It is easy to bring a smile, difficult to be happy for it: easy to be the cause, difficult to nourish.

Written by:

Aniket Pandya


  1. Best of luck for this blog and i would like to stay connected with you….

    moto of our life is love if we can not love anyone than we have no right to ask for love thnx….

  2. Great write up .It’s a deep thought and a one worth pondering!!Keep stirring up the pot of life Aniket …keep it up!

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