The Sky Is Pink
Have you ever been to a cinema hall where the person sitting next to you on your right and left are constantly trying to hide their faces so that you can’t see their tears? Well if you haven’t then you have missed another chance for this as The Sky Is Pink is one such movie.
Aisha Chaudhary narrates the story (from her afterlife) of her parents Aditi(moose) and Niren(panda) who had a love marriage and lost their first child Tanya within months of her birth due to severe combined immunodeficiency. It was hard for both the parents to move out of the pain. Aditi was consoled by a Catholic nun and decided to be baptized.

After some time they had their second child Ishaan, who again brings joy and happiness in the family. After a few years later the parents had another child, this time a daughter Ayesha, who is again diagnosed with the same condition as Tanya. But this time the couple decided to fight back and take Aisha to London for treatment, as suggested by the doctors. Unable to collect money for her treatment Niren approached crowdfunding through radio and was able to collect the set amount of money. After the treatment, Aisha had to be taken in proper care because of which Aditi decided to stay back in London with her and Niren and Ishaan came back to India, but since the missed both of them a lot, so after some time they also joined them. Aditi and Niren had to work day and night in shifts so that they could meet the expenses and take care of the children at the same time. Things went smooth and they became rich and Aisha’s health also got better. After 13 years doctors gave a green signal to the family to go back to India. The family shifted to the outskirts of Delhi and life was going on smoothly until one day Ayesha was diagnosed by Pulmonary Fibrosis and was left with very little time to live. Aditi decided to fulfil all her dreams such as adopting a pet and writing a book. The family went through a lot before Aisha’s demise and the relationship of Naren and Aditi had to suffer a lot afterwards since it was difficult for Aditi to move on in a life in which Aisha was no more, as for 14 yrs all she did was to take care of Aisha and now she didn’t know what to do as she says “mujhe Aisha ke alawa kisi ur ke liye kuch karna aata hi nahi hai”.

The film shows how parents can sacrifice their every breath for their child, how they can forget to be themselves forever for their children and how everything comes to an end when they see their own child’s life ending in front of them and they can do nothing but sit helplessly.

Priyanka Chopra as Aditi did full justice to her role and showed that she could play any character close to perfection again and again. Whether it was the phase before their marriage, after Tanya’s death, while taking care of Ayesha or after her demise, every phase of life was played outstandingly by Priyanka Chopra.

Niren played by Farhan Akhtar was a father who worked day and night so that they never face a financial problem ever again and did everything he could do to save his daughter’s life. He always stood with Aditi.

Ishaan played by Rohit Saraf was like a perfect elder brother every girl could dream for.

And the star of the film, Aisha played by Zaira Wasim pulled off her role with excellence and made the audience shed tears with her lines and narration.

The beautiful blend of humour within such a serious film is worth appreciating with including scenes such as Ayesha doubting Niren with his relationship with Sonia. The going in and coming out of flashback scenes are very well synthesized in the story. The transitions between different phases of life of Aditi and Niren was smooth every time. The length of Aditi’s hair kept decreasing with every phase to clearly mark it. All of its credit goes to the director Sonali Bose and her way of directing the film.

By-Preeti Dalal

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