A ship was sailing on the sea moving ahead high and low,

The waves did shake it tides turned it but none of them could make it slow.

It knew it had to reach the shore by crossing the sea from aqua dense;

To shore of happy, prosperous life to live a life that’s free from fence.

The sun went up, the sun came down; the moon did shine in darkened nights.

The wind too carried it along. The stars suggested: the path was right.

The violent storms did strike the ship: the storms of whirls of aqua blue;

The ship sustained and it fought back! The storm went back with defeated crew.

Many such storms did strike the ship; it changed its shape for some of those;

For some it had to change its way, for some it sunk and then arose.

But those didn’t change its destiny though hindrances were put in its way.

Its path to reach there may have differed but it reached there on the brightest day!!

The storms did wreck it right away but if it’d lost its destiny,

It wouldn’t have reached just anywhere and would be floating somewhere in sea!

Written by:

Aniket Pandya

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