Every filmmaker has incredible opportunity to showcase creative art and ideas, they also have chance to present meaningful message through the short films. Short films can represent significant stories, relevant gist of long storylines and give refreshing content to viewers, because it has specific purpose and highlighted topics under the short storytelling

Little hearts (source : Google)

According to the Academy of motion picture arts and science “short film is an original Motion Picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all the credits”. As we know that short films cannot be as long as feature films, so naturally film-makers must come up with unique ideas to plot and character development to seek attention of targeted audience.

Now moving towards the educational short films, in 21st century, it is essential to be aware about film and media. In fact, when we are talking about short films education in schools and high-schools which increases student’s engagement towards study. Research studies have shown that students are better taught their lectures via multimedia presentations and short movies rather than old type of verbal lectures. It is proven that students are able to concentrate only for 16 to 20 minutes during 1 hour class. By using short films during lectures can gain their attention and attract them to attend the classes and also it gives quality education and more beneficial than verbal lectures.

The wall (source : Google)

Educational Short Films are based on fiction and non-fiction both the type with very instructive content. These kinds of movie allow pupils to discover new world, helping them understand about difficult topics in a better way. Sometimes it will provide new point of views to the same thing they already know. Short films for school children are mostly on the basic topics such as animal and their sound, the earth and solar system, history, geography, physics, science, music or other many things. For the high school students, topics are like mental, physical and social health, how to speak in public, how money works, sex education, how to maintain friendship and relationship.

Soar (Source: Google)

Short films help us to communicate difficult messages in an unintentional and carefree manner and to some extend it can bring change in the thought pattern of growing child. Most important benefit of short films is, that person can gain imagination power as well, that would help us to analyse a film and film’s elements like themes, stories, characters and narrative techniques.

Fear of flying (Source: Google)

List of some good educational short films :

  • The present
  • I forgot my phone
  • Fear of flying
  • I idiot
  • Little hearts
  • Period. end of sentence.
  • Race to Nowhere
  • Girl Rising
  • Paper Boy
  • Education for all
  • Tundo (open education)
  • Indian education system
  • The wall

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