“This is the job of my dream! This is the thing I always wanted to do in my life. I will now be able to get into marketing and advertising. As a GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) I have got the knowledge of most of the dept. At least now I can choose my field and move on…”  Akhil got much excited after reading the mail of an opportunity he was offered by another company. Just like every individual, he also wanted to grow in his field and make his own mark. “The salary this job is offering is definitely low but I know my potential; if I work sincerely and give my best, I’ll make it big for sure.” He was surely going to have the job he always wanted.

“Hello Mr Akhil, please have a seat.”

“Thank you sir!”

“So tell me something about yourself…” the interviewer asked Akhil. Akhil, with all his excitement for the job gave the interview very well. He performed very well and was called for the final interview. With a very positive attitude, he completed his final round of conversation.

“So what do you expect from this job?”

“Sir, I always was excited about marketing a product and making advertisements and finally I shall be able to make it. This really excites me about the job.”

“But we will not be able to give you the hike you expect!”

“True sir but I believe that life never gives you 100%. I need to deal with the 30% things that I need to compromise for the rest 70% of things I really want.”

“I really appreciate your approach towards life but I have to make a clarification before you join. We shall put you in the sales dept. for the first 6 months. Seeing your performance we shall transfer you to the marketing and advertising dept. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Well sir, I wanted to be here because the job role you offered was about marketing.”

“Yes but you see, marketing that doesn’t lead to sales is useless and ultimately it’s the numbers that matter. Once you learn the aspects of sales, you will be able to do better in marketing.”

“You are senior to me sir and I believe what you are saying. I would like to join the company.”

Akhil joined the in the sales team and was doing well. He would meet his numbers so the company also was happy with his work. Every day that passed made him realise that it was bringing him closer to being a marketer. While his employment as a sales man, he would sit with the marketing team and try to learn many things and also give them ideas about how could they increase the flow of leads.

Days turned to months and months to a year. He was still doing sales but his performance wasn’t up to the mark. His numbers were falling apart and he from being an enthusiastic person turned out to be a complaining employee.  Realising that he is failing (as an individual too), he thought of approaching the HR. He politely explained the condition he was through that how he was offered to transferred to marketing after first 6 months of his job and still he is not there where his heart lies; how he has contributed to marketing team giving his ideas and some of them even getting implemented but the only thing he got as a reward was appreciation. He was said that there were no vacancies there and the companies required a person in sales.

He soon lost interest in his job and started searching for other job. When he got the opportunity he had been looking for, he left. The second job he took was the one he always wanted and which he was promised by his previous company. He worked very hard and with his innovative techniques and perseverance, he brought his company to no 1 position leaving the competitors behind. Finally, he had his right job.

This story makes me ask an important question. Was it the problem of the one who couldn’t allocate the right type of resource to the right place or was the wrong attitude of the resource who denied being a fish from a frog? If you see it well, the answer lies in the question itself…


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