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“the physical realm is only a shadow, or image, of the true reality of the Realm of Forms. In fact the forms are more real than the physical objects” -Plato

That night she dreamt of red roses…..growing wildly but an intensely crowded field….facing towards the lake which was so much silent…that the sound of the motion of the roses dancing to the melodious tune of the wind , in melancholy with the sweet chorus of the crickets who seemed to unite with their beloved can be heard….under the charming fluorescence of the moon which was in its full vigor ,as if smiling and savoring the beauty of the earth beneath. But……the moon was a loner….and so was the lake……the way the shadow of the moon bestowed upon the lake, seemed as if the moon wanted to share its loneliness with the lake.whose waters were so deep,that it reflected an enormous tranquility..and this depth..maybe the reason the moon was so attracted towards the lake. The moon saw its reflection so clearly ,as if the lake has accepted the moon with all its flaws….still glorifying the beauty of the moon. And see the irony of both of them…..they cannot unite the way the crickets could…but still dissolving into each other so deeply, that their mortality had no means of separating them…this union seemed to be detached yet united……

Suddenly …the songs of the crickets appeared to be suppressed,the dance of the roses lost its synchronization…..when,gust of sand rose with great temper announcing the entry of an intruder , riding on white horse which screeched violently as if celebrating some sort of victory.Again,see the irony,the celestial and bodiless unison of the moon and the lake ,seemed to be unconquered…unlike the crickets and the roses…!the dust particles, Stones and pebbles leaped in the lake to deform the shadow of the moon…but sank somewhere to great depths.. Defeated. And there…smiles the moon triumphantly…

A charming Young man appeared from the dark and halted his handsome white horse near the lake. Slowly he leaped down from his horse and stood there. His well sculptured physique, his deep penetrating eyes, his perfectly chiseled face …it seemed as if the great Greek god Apollo descended from the heavens…

And aah……she is awake…thrilled but smiling by the view of the prince charming…

She was a loner, and always felt a void in her heart, which she waited to be filled up some day by the prince charming….suddenly she heard slight knock on the door…was it the prince she was waiting for..?Excitedly she rushed towards the door, when she opened it she was startled…..

a small puppy holding her favorite socks, one of which she was searching desperately since a long time, was standing quietly , with a sparkle in its eyes..

Then on, She found a companion..Who waited for her..Played with her,and snuggled up to her..Without a slightest expectation…

We try define love, try to give it a physical attribute, a shape, or in other words we try to objectify it …like ,I want love in this shape,this size..etc etc.And much worst, we define various terms and conditions to love someone !but hey …..As said by the great philosopher Plato, objects and the physical world are just the images. The objects, the physical qualities, the shapes, the size, the appearances…all of these keep on changing. How can something, which keeps on changing, be trusted???Or relied upon? What remains constant,is the idea behind it…which the philosopher defined as the Forms. If something keeps on changing ,according to me, it cannot be real……so are the appearances and the external forms of beauty…….which seem to be so alluring which blurs our vision to such an extent that we even forget our own selves.

Let’s just take example of love, they call union of Soul, body…whatever..But if we are really into it,Love Can even be felt without the union of the loved one! We are no one to Define love, Love is the form, the idea which defines us! We cry over breakup…we complain that “ I loved him? her too much, still they left me…” get messed up with people and with our own self. But Hey, what Just the feeling of love, is so true, so immense that you don’t even require the person you love, if you really in it……you don’t require the Physical forms to live the reality!!!

It requires an intense vision to pierce through the image and see the reality…which lies beyond appearances, which is constant…and the only reality….and the truth, is the most beautiful thing! And its what you carry inside ,your values, your thoughts are the most attractive attributes!. As said in the Hindu literature ,

“सत्यम शिवम सुन्दरम”

Meaing,truth is the God and God is beautiful!


  1. It was really artistic and intangible. I almost imagined and picturised the scenario…
    Change is the only constant and can be trusted.
    Good work.
    Bit of spelling mistakes but that can be overlooked.

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