World of souls.

This world laid amidst the vastness of the sky, hidden from the human eye where a soul goes when it wants to become mortal and start living. It’s called Mortalise, whether it was built by the almighty God or angles, no one knew, but one thing was very clear to every soul out there that this place was only visited when they wanted to go back to the land of living.

Mortalise was what humans might call a ‘store’ for the souls situated in the middle of nowhere floating in the sea of fluffy white clouds, it changed its form every once in a while, sometimes it would appear to be spherical and made of glass, the other time it would look just like a broken rundown warehouse. The reason for this phenomenon just like its existence was unknown, but the souls believed that it was because its creator did not like the monotony in their creation. It was protected by the Guarding sprits; these sprits were there to guide the souls through the maze of this place.

In order to enter the premise of Mortalise, a soul would need to glide through the staircase lit up with heavenly lights to reach the entrance gate, clouds would make way by either disappearing in a puff of smoke or by sliding to the other side.

The air around this place was always cold but that didn’t make any difference to the souls as they never could feel anything , after 15 minutes of heavenly time , which in human world would be 3 hours, the soul would find itself in front of huge gate made out of an unknown shiny metal , the only thing known about it was that it stopped any unwanted supernatural apart from the guarding sprits and souls to enter the premise, it kept both demons and angles away from it. The gate was guarded by the keeper of Mortalise , Mora, it was as old as time and one of the guardian sprits, it shone bright gold unlike the regular souls. It was the protector of Mortalise and thus one of the most powerful supernatural out there.

Every soul had to go through the questions of Mora and only after its approval could a soul pass through the gates which opened to the bridge of decision leading to the entrance of Mortalise, bridge of decision was guarded by the holy spirit of Larkon, the keeper of fate, it would decide where, when and as whom would a soul be reborn as. The only time Larkon exchanged words were while deciding the fate of a soul, after the soul had taken everything that it wished for from Mortalise, till then it would just let the soul pass.

The entrance of Mortalise had a huge door , made of whatever form the store was in, at that moment, beyond the door was vastness and the only word to describe the inside was ginormous , it had long aisles divided into different sections filled with everything that a soul would ever need for its stay in the world of mortals, from emotions, traits, talent, values, status to sexuality that the soul wished to be born in was present in these aisles in the form of energy. The souls could pick whatever they wished for.

Unlike every other thing nature had found a balance here too. Mortalise had a set of rules for every soul, which were listed on the wall right next to the exit counter taken care by Markos, the keeper of rules, just like every other guardian sprit it was responsible for making sure that the rules were followed. According to the rule book:

  1. Every soul needs to get minimum five and maximum ten energies, if not, then the soul needs to justify the action with a valid reason to the keeper of rules and if it approves, only then the soul could leave with the respected energies.
  2. Every negative energy equal to three positive energies thus the soul needed to keep this balance while owning them.
  3. Once the energy is occupied and placed in the cart it could not be returned nor exchanged inside the premise of Mortalise.
  4. The amount of energies that a soul could own depends on the good and bad karma a soul has, the more the good the more the energies and vice versa.

Only when the souls follow these rules would they be able to walk the mortal land again. The only way out of Mortalise was a way in thus the entrance and exit was through the same door, to make it easy for the guardian sprits to keep tab on every soul. After knowing all the rules, the soul would be greeted by the keeper of directions, Atheis, the wisest sprit in the universe which would guide lost souls with good advice, it would try to make the journey of souls easier in Mortalise.

Then there was Lexias, the keeper of energies, who would guide the souls to the aisle of energy that they seeked. Lexias had a tendency of misguiding the souls more than guiding them, taking them to wrong aisle and persuading souls into getting energies they didn’t need, there was hardly any soul which had not fallen in trap that Lexias created, it was quite a trickster.

Then came the pair of trouble, Confusion the keeper of mystery and Distraction the keeper of illusion both of them worked hand in hand and were no better than the devil himself, they were the main reason why there were so many lost souls wandering in Mortalise, souls who had lost their way and had been stuck for centuries in this place because of these two. Confusion and Distraction made sure that the sous did not get what they really wanted by trapping them in their sick games.

With evil came good, Aetius, the keeper of word made sure that the souls were helped through the tactics of the other three guardians, it was there to help the lost souls but often left them to find their way themselves, whenever a soul needed it, it would help them with its true words but sometimes the souls had been lost for so long that the true words would not help.

This world was different from the mortal world, it was mysterious, magical and magnificent but dangerous nonetheless just like the mortal one thus both these worlds were very different yet very same.

This beautiful world that was in your sight was developed by students of Faculty of Journalism and Communication, 3rd semester. In a session of ‘World of a Character’, they came up with such an innovative world. Kudos to the buddies!!

This piece of art was penned by Deval Gadhvi and developed my the whole class as a team activity.

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