I start my journey with a smile. I see my goal so clear.

I start to walk with all my guts forgetting all my fear.

I go one step and move one more and gradually rise so high,

My feet on land will take me up and help me reach the sky.

But one thing that I care while walk is path by which I go;

It’s not just goal that’s important but path has its own role.

You choose a path that’s filled with rocks shall help you make a grip

Though strife is needed more to move if this path is your trip.

You get things with some pain to bear which helps you realise

That goal for which you’re moving on is a ball of heat or ice!

You need to make yourself so strong to reach up there and stay.

You need to learn to bear the heat or stay with ice all day.

If you have will to walk on path that’s full of cheating – fun!

You may be losing it for soon though you may reach the sun.

A smooth path has its character – it never teaches pain.

Thus what you got may not survive and you lose what you’ve gained.

The more of pain you have when you are now achieving your goal,

The more you learn to stay up there with a full satisfied soul.

You need to earn the thing you need and know the price you pay,

Then life will seem so great and good; success will come your way.

Written by:

Aniket Pandya

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