“End of the world; nothing left. This is the worst phase of my life. Nothing left for me, no one here who can be called mine. Broken heart, empty pocket, wet eyes and a hungry stomach. Is this what I get in return? I have always strived to cherish but how did I perish? I wanna end this life and find eternal peace. This is the end to my existence. Good bye world, I am not seeing you anymore.”

A suicide note: a note to those whom he couldn’t tell anything. He was there with a sharp steel blade ready to succumb to the circumstances and be a victim of this practice. He placed the blade over his wrist and was about to slit his vein. He closed his eyes and sequence of montages started rolling: his dead parents, dishonest beloved, fired job, sold house and a deserted life. The metal made its way through the flesh and there was blood – time stopped.

There were mirrors all around him. It was a new world which he entered. Around him were different mirrors with different images on them. He could see himself and the image coincide and with every image, he went to the nostalgia which added to his pains. Suddenly the mirrors started shaking; a heavy earthquake was here. One by one, all the cracking mirrors had a red fluid coming out of their cracks diminishing the images they had on them. The dimension grew darker and he was clueless about what was happening. Black hole!!!

“So you giving up?”, he heard a sound in the dark.

“This life has been unfair to me.”

“Are you assured for the next one?”

“Give me a reason to stay.”

“Give me a reason to leave!”

“I am left with nothing anymore.”

“That’s the best reason to stay.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t you tell me that. I’ve got no body to be with. No family, no friends, no job, no money. The only person I loved the most, who brought life to my life also cheated on me. I can’t lead a dead life! It’s better to be alone in a world of anonymous than to be alone in this crowd. You know what? I wanted to be somewhere in life and today, after struggling for so many years, I am here at a zero!”

“You are at here at ‘The Zero!’”


“Can a mansion be built on a house?”


“Can a banyan grow on a cactus?”

“It needs soil. Don’t be so stupid!”

“I am not being stupid but you are. To start anything new and big, you need to come to zero first. To build a mansion, the existing house needs to scatter. The debris of your house will seem painful, but its grief wont build your mansion.

Today you have ‘that’ one thing which very few of them get: CHOICE! You have a chance to ‘choose’ what you want. You are in a state where you have nothing to lose, and when you have nothing to lose, risk your loss. Worst-case, you’ll always have this option of bloodshed and giving up; but if you make a choice, you may get an opportunity to explore the infinite. The worst has already happened. What you feared to lose is already lost and what you may loose is something you don’t even have today. Now I leave it to you. Your choice will make all the difference. And yes, don’t worry, whatever choice you make, I’m going to be there by you under any circumstances”

“Who are you? Are you god?” he asked with curiosity.

A ray of light appeared – too bright for him to see what’s happening there. The lights gradually faded and he saw a figure approaching him. He couldn’t make out what was happening and who this figure was. “Who are you?” asked his fumbling lips.

“I am… YOU! When you lost everything, you found me!”

Written by:
Aniket Pandya


  1. Aniradichita……why is it so so compulsive to fall prey to your work as if I heard you speak and enact this uplifting blog…..you can enlighten the lives of many…

  2. Just created visual picturisation in front of my eyes when I red it… So live… Sensible..feeling like its me who is there at the moment.

  3. I read this blog again on today.. You know this is just not a blog but it’s something which make me feel like, yes I can do it. Thank you😊

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