” It is just a piece of stone till identified as a jewel.”

During this tenure of exploring new thoughts I discovered a pool of writers who have writing as a passion. I thought to give them this platform to showcase that talent. Let me introduce you to Mansi Jani. Young student pursuing her Masters in Environmental Science writes about the hidden feelings she has.

Once when I visited her I found a diary that had pearls of art in form of words. I found many good thoughts and poems written in Gujarati language. I read her poems and write ups and could identify the depth she has in her thoughts. She wanted to write in English but because of a background where she could not get an exposure to dig Deep she always feared that she would make a mistake.

It is commendable that she has given her first attempt to write something in a non native language. She started her journey of writing in Gujarati language natively and then upgraded herself to the English language. Language shouldn’t be a barrier to stop such a talent from growing. I congratulate her for making her debut attempt in writing in the english-language.

Here is what she writes:

“Once I met an unknown person. Was totally unknown but still perfectly known. How is that possible? Is this the person whom I always wished to meet? Yes, I think so. Generally I never used to talk with any stranger but don’t know it was something like a magic. Suddenly I started talking with him. I was actually loosing my heart in his talk, his eyes and his smile!!! My heartbeat going very fast as increasing in the speedometer. Did I fall in love!? Did I meet that person who is chosen by God for me or made for me! Don’t know. As we were talking I felt that I knew him for ages. The beautiful conversation was going on between us. As I asked his name; I woke up. Then I realized it was a dream not reality. Still I didn’t have any about him. I would like to meet him again, at least in the dream!!!

The thirst of heart is love and only filled by feelings; not by expensive things. You know, the best part of the hidden feelings are that it puts a new flow of happiness in our life. It makes me fly in the sky, walking on the rainbow, flowing like the air, soften like water, blossom of the spring and waves of the sea… While the worst part of it is that is a dream, obviously the world of imagination.”

Written by:

Mansi Jani

Let’s appreciate her efforts and congratulate her for being able come up with this beautiful craft.


  1. Anirachidita…beautiful name as your story is.
    The best way to evolve is to keep writing…strong essential work keep writing.

  2. Very nice! Beautiful magic of words that make anyone lost in reading more n more! Loved your work! Keep it up! Great job!

  3. Nice work Mansi! Keep writing! You’ll surely make your dream come true one day! Hope to read much more from you. All the very best sweetheart..
    And of course, I really appreciate you bhai for giving her a such an opportunity and platform to begin her journey.
    Love You both! :*

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