Directed by Ritesh Menon, this short film by Blush is about a contemporary mother-daughter relationship. The film starts with a girl in tension who is on the verge of finding out whether she is pregnant or not. While standing in the bathroom and waiting for the result her mother comes and sees that. She thinks that her mother would behave like any mother and scold her and would throw her out of the house. But this doesn’t happen as her mother consoles her and asks a few questions and tells her to tell this to her father in the evening. She didn’t saw this coming so she asks her mother if she is not angry to which the mother replies that she is furious, but can’t run from the situation. It all happened because as parents they always pressurised her for being a good girl, and now when she has made a mistake, it is their responsibility to handle the situation without panicking.

Pre-marital sex has always been a taboo in the country. The society has never accepted women getting pregnant before their marriage. Even parents deny accepting this and in many cases, they abandon their daughters forever as they believe that due to this all their hard-earned respect is lost.
Although this is not the case with men in the country. They are free to do whatever they want, nobody questions them and often if by any chance they indulge in any problem, it’s blamed on the girl.
We as a society need to rethink about our actions, before anything we need to make the society equal for all the genders.
Respect of parents in these cases should not be above their daughters as that is the time they need to support their daughters the most instead of abandoning them and making them feel helpless.

The film also shows that in the majority of the country women don’t even know anything about making decisions. Their opinion means nothing for their partners who promise to give them equal status. They are not asked before taking any decisions in life even after being called “Ardhangini”.

By-Preeti Dalal

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