Directed by Rob Burnett, The Fundamentals of Caring is an American film based on The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving by Jonathan Evison. The film was released in 2016 and is now available on the streaming platform on Netflix.

A retired writer Ben(Paul Rudd) takes a course of 6 weeks to become a certified caregiver.
His personal life gets off track after a tragedy and now his wife wants a divorce. He goes to Elsa, for the first interview who has an 18-year-old teenager named Trevor who is suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy because of which he is depended on somebody to take his care. His caretaker is required to do everything which he himself is not able to do right from changing clothes to making him a meal.
Trevor is a bit rude and hilarious the first time he meets Ben and after asking him questions he decides to give the job to him.
Trevor has a fixed schedule for every hour of the day, whether it was watching TV or sleeping. His whole life works on a fixed time table according to which he had very few human and outer world interaction.

Since Ben and Trevor spent most of their day time with each other, a great friendship bond is created between the two. Trevor loves to play pranks on Ben like; faking a chocked throat which would scare Ben. After sometime Ben gets familiar with this and stops paying attention.
Ben and Trevor decide to go on a road trip to the world’s deepest pit and in between see the roadside attractions. On their way, they meet Dot, a teenager girl who elopes from her house. Since Trevor has a crush over her, both of them decide to give her a ride. On their way, they meet a pregnant lady named Peaches whose car broke down and therefore they give her a ride as well. All the four bonded on the road trip and enjoyed it.

This film is a great combination of sarcasm, humour and emotions.
Trevor and Ben would easily say offensive things to each other without thinking much over it and as a surprise, the other person would not get offended by it. Trevor said Ben things about this job and Ben on the other side would pass comments on Trevor’s disabilities. These things are the reason why their chemistry looks so effortlessly good and brings magic on the screen.
Although the story didn’t have many twists and turns like other films based on road trips but it still managed to be engaging and interesting throughout.

For a Paul Rudd fan, this is a must-watch film as he is the star of this film. He has effectively portrayed the emotions and helplessness of his character. Certain times he had to keep quiet just because he was an employee at the end of the day and its frustration was visible on his face.
Craig Roberts as Trevor has nailed the role of a disabled person. He was the best in intense emotional scenes where he felt like crying but he controller his emotions as Trevor. His comic timings were also on point.
Salena Gomez as Dot and Mergan Furgusan as Peaches brought joy in the film although their characters didn’t take the story forward except from the fact that Dot sometimes encouraged Trevor.

This film is a nice weekend watch and the best things about it is its short duration of just 93 mins. You just need to take out 1hr 33 mins of your day to enjoy this film.

By-Preeti Dalal


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