An angel came to me and asked, ‘Can I sit here, beside you?’

I agreed seeing her modest smile and felt her heart so pure and true.


I gaped her eyes for a little time; I got lost in It’s deep dark sea.

I talked to her: her melody was some music that was worth feeling.


Her silken hair fell on her face- she whirled that ornate back her ear.

She had beautiful rosy lips, that PINK to me was very dear…


That being was full of life in her; she taught me how to live my life.

She smiled at problems, laughed at pains; though life could be a rotten strife.


My heart now did beat pulse by pulse, she gifted me new life to live.

She took my tears and turned them off and left with me were smiles to give.


Now I too had a smiling face and problems were now good to me.

I now found joy in every strife though pain and grief were reality.


I breathe her fragrance now in me wherever I look I can only see

Her smile, her eyes, her lips, her heart… She’s now in me, she’s etched in me.


I now knew what’s that thing called life: I felt that love for her indeed.

I now wanted to hold her hand for whole my life and spend with glee…


Written by:

Aniket Pandya


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