Directed by Sreejoni Nag and written by Palak Shah, this short film by blush is about the value of a Man’s dream in society.

There are Some films where you learn things against the trends and see the ugly side of fashion. Feminism is a trend and fashion of nowadays according to which you see girls taking up the charge of bringing equality which is also supported by various mediums of Arts like films. Here the delivery girl is a short film which goes against the waves and shows us the ugly side of fake feminism with a sweet ending. The story is simple- the husband wants to change his profession to the painter but his wife stops him from doing that by saying what will people think that you live on your wife’s money and “why should I support you and if I support you it means you are less of a man in front of my eyes” this she does not say directly but surely shows it with her actions. After having a fight about this with his wife, the husband leaves the house and at that time comes the delivery girl to deliver a food parcel. It’s raining outside so the wife invites the delivery girl in. Here she talks with the delivery girl and realises how double standard she is. After the delivery girl leaves she sends her husband a message saying that even she is a little bit artsy in a way telling him that she is with him in changing.

An important line used by Anchal(wife) was -” be the man of this house”. What does being a man means? Is it about not doing what you want and living a life you never wanted to or is it about that a man should never have feelings, aspirations and passion?

Women always shout about equality and independence. Does independence only mean to be able to go out in the night? Women have also been the flag bearers of patriarchy in the country and still continues and on the other side, they demand equality. Equal by no means is about cutting hairs short, or havings tattoos all around your body rather it means equal treatment. Women should only demand those things which they are willing to see with men.

My favourite line here is “stop writing articles about gender equality it doesn’t suit hypocrites.” Well this 12 min clip will tell you about one’s individuality in a marriage, fake feminism and a lot about men’s struggle in life.

By- Preeti Dalal

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