Written by Rohan D’Souza and Srijan Shukla and directed by Adhiraj Bose this 5min 34sec short film gives a powerful message about the choice society gives to a person. It is a short film by Blush available at their YouTube channel.

Anu, a 30-year-old married woman is packing her bag with the help of her mother when her aunt(mother’s sister) Geeta Mausi calls her. She is reluctant to pick up the call and wants her mother to answer it as she doesn’t want to hear the same repeated thing from her aunt as usual. When she answers the call her aunt starts telling her to have kids as this is the right time otherwise it will get too late and there could be complication in pregnancy if they have kids later. To this she tries ignoring and makes an excuse to cut the call. Anu afterwards tells her mother that when she was unmarried her aunt constantly pressurized her to get married and now when she got married they are pressurizing them to have kids. The mother tells Anu to just ignore the talk and do what she believes in. Anu asks her mother why is she not pressurizing her in this matter to which the mother replies that one should have a child when they are ready for it. In her time she never got any choice and had to have Anu which on the other side crushed all her other dreams like doing PhD. Therefore she suggests her daughter to think over it and make the decision of having a baby when they are ready, and even if it gets late they will have other options like adoptions which is always an open solution.

This is the kind of thinking and mindset which suits the contemporary world and its demands. In Indian society, people always make decisions with the fear of what society will think of them(Log kya kahenge). This problem of what will people think has been a root cause of many problems in the country. It has influenced decisions of almost all the institutions of society.

This film shows how much unnecessary pressure is created on people to make decisions they don’t want to. Having a child or getting married are the things which have the greatest impact on an individual rather than the whole society. But people in India take it as their responsibility to influence others to take the decision which they think are right although it may have no impact on their personal lives.
India has always dreamt of standing on the top with leading countries but with the old mindset and social issues it cannot stand there as the image of real India will always stay with it no matter how developed we are in terms of manufacturing or services.

It’s a must-watch short film which is realistic and relatable and shows how we can improve as a society and nation as a whole.

By-Preeti Dalal

YouTube Link-https://youtu.be/akKWlBlElno

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