The truth is always bitter… Since a child, we’ve heard this phrase. When you come to know that the truth is to be revealed, there is a sudden rise in heartbeat, your fingers feel numb, your sight turns darker and you expect all the unexpected things you can think about. You start getting mentally prepared for the worst things you can think about and most of the time all your positivity gets flushed out. Why is this so? Simple!!! Because the truth is bitter!!! Right? Well, I have something else to say on this.

One thing is, the truth is always bitter; second thing: the bitter thing you come to know is the truth. This factor comes into picture while two major things: 1. Trying to know a person 2. Trying to give/receive a suggestion to/from a person. It is human tendency to consider a negative thought before a positive one. It takes a lot of practice to train yourself to be totally positive and happy. Now, think of the time when you are totally distressed and do not know what to do in life. You approach your friend and your friend tells you, “See, it may hurt but because I am your friend, I am going to tell you the truth.” Here comes the bitter part. Now that he has indicated some bitterness in the forthcoming conversation, you may have a greater possibility of believing him.

Two friends were discussing about life. One said, “The world out there is ready to beat you.” The other said, “The world out there is ready to test you.” Both of them have same intentions but the choice of words makes one statement bitterer than the other and we become a prey to the first one. The fact is that yes, the world out there is filled up with hardships and struggle and there are possibilities that you may be beaten but that the same fact also says that you can get through it if you can handle the tests it is taking.

So now we come to an important question: what is the truth? How do we figure out what the truth is? Well, truth is neither bitter, nor sour nor sweet… Truth is truth. It is the reality with which we have to live. It is our perception that adds a taste to it. You need clear thoughts, unbiased views and real guts to know and accept the truth in its actual form. Truth is like water, it can harden an egg, soften a potato and turn itself to coffee.

So next time when a friend talks to you about truth, make sure that he is actually talking about reality and not the bitter thing he saw which he interprets as truth because truth is not only bitter but beautiful too…


Written by:

Aniket Pandya


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