At Aniradichita’s constant ingenious activities, on the 19th October 2021, Aniradichita Theatre and Films performed a short skit on the launch of the application “Safe Savaari”. The skit was to enlighten the audience about the usage of the application and also how it can help the safe process of travelling. The event was held at Veer Savarkar Bhavan, The MSU Baroda. The founder of “Safe Savaari” Hakimuddin Vohra presented the idea behind the application and explained the features.

The occasion was graced by dignitaries from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda as well as representatives from the union of Transportation. It was supported by various startups from the ecosystem of MSISEC.

The skit was basically to enhance the knowledge of safety which a rising concern on travelling applications, and the characters were based on the real-life situations one faces. Aniradichita Theatre and Films enacted a short skit which talks about the safety concern of a girl Ankita Shinde, who wants to travel to her friend’s Kishan’s place. She gets greeted by a creepy rickshaw fellow, and she feels highly unsafe as she gets stranded at an unknown place. Much to her surprise, “Safe Savaari” comes to her aid and rescue and she tries the new application and with the help of its features and the application. The dramatization also shows the relationship between humans and the world of technology. It becomes extremely important to ensure the security of the passengers. The production management was handled by Bhargav Parmar. The play was conceptualized and ideated by Shri Aniket Pandya- Founder of Aniradichita Theatre and Films.


Characters in detail:


Ankita Shinde (Played by Aditi Prajapati)

The character of Ankita is a girl who is willing to go to a party with her friends and finds it difficult to find a public transport. She finds a rickshaw and gets in it only to have a creepy and uncomfortable experience. She reaches her destination with a great toil and finally is relieved when she safely reaches her destination. It was a debut skit of Aditi Prajapati where she beautifully demonstrated the emotions of Fear, Anger, Disgust and Peace.


Kishan Mehta (Played by Kishan Suthar):

Kishan is the boyfriend of Ankita who is waiting for her at the party. He is really worried about him makes attempts to rescue her as well. He is extremely supportive helps his girlfriend in all the possible ways to get her out of the situation. He beautiful demonstrated the emotions like Romantism, Anger, Bravery, comedy and Fear.


Android Phone (Played by Dharmil Parekh):

The character of Android was played by Dharmil. The character talked about the role of the android system and how it plays an important role in the day-to-day life. The character asks for various features from the lead for doing multiple tasks. Though there were no more emotions to display, the timing of Dharmil added to situational comedy and which made the presentation lighter and funnier.


OTP (Played by Samarth Shrimali):

The character of OTP was annoying to the characters of the skit but appeared to be funny to the audience. OTP helped as a link character throughout the play but towards the end, he changes the game when he brings a message from Esha to Kishan which puts him in a tight position in front of Ankita. Samarth played a fun character and gave bouts of laughter.


App Baabu (Played by Parshva Shah):

The character of Baabu was played by Parshva Shah where he portrayed the administrator. He adapted the nuances of a Bihari sarkari Babu and made the skit a fun-loving presentation. The chemistry of App Baabu with Android was a delight to watch. The audience found the character to be really interesting and fun. Though the range of emotions was limited to comedy, the actor with his immaculate timing made his presence felt in the skit.


Safe Savari (Played by Nirmalsinh Rana):

The application was personified as a character who helps Ankita to reach safely where she wants to. The character was played by Nirmalsinh Rana who nailed the character by his presence on the stage. His charm mesmerized the audience and at the same time gave a practical feel to the viewers about purpose and advantage of the safe savari app.


Auto Driver 1 and 2 (Played by Ishan Mistry)

The characters of Rickshaw driver was played by Ishan Mistry. The first character was of a negligent driver who was not concerned about the safety of the female character. The character outline also talks about the oversmart nature. The second character of Rickshaw driver was very different from the first one. He was honest, self-made and ethical driver who believes in loyalty towards his work. The actor, Ishan had a challenge of portraying two opposite characters and he performed both of them with equal passion and did justice.


The skit was penned and designed by the founder of Aniradichita Theatre and Films – Shri Aniket Pandya and was also directed by him. The presentation was applauded by Shri Akash Pandey- Assistant Director, MSISEC, Prof Sunita Nambiar-Faculty of Social Work and Dr Amrita Doshi -Institute of Fashion Technology, Shri Girish Karakar, Shri Mukesh Lodhavi and Yogesh Jangir. The presentation garnered eyeballs because of the unique characterization and the concept for the same.

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  1. It was a good time performing, everyone portrayed their character nicely. Audience enjoyed their time watching.

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