Team Aniradichita in association with Kanan International performed at the youth festival “Nav Yuva” of Navrachana University.

Aniradichita – Theatre and Films collaborated with Kanan International. The Team performed at Youth Festival “Nav Yuva” of Navarachana University.  As a result, the team delivered a play which was a blend of both information and entertainment.

Team Aniradichita presented a theatrical performance through the play.  The team demonstrated the value of studying abroad and the opportunities out there. Team Aniradichita displayed a road map for the aspirants wishing to study abroad.

“Let’s prepare for the best of your career with Kanan International” – The team demonstrated these 11 words exactly using the stage – A visual medium. Team Aniradichita put life into the tagline mentioned above.

After all, seeking proper information and guidance becomes very important when it comes to studying abroad. Thus, the role of an international consultancy comes into the play. The team made an effort to guide students to make a right choice.  One wrong decision and you face unwanted consequences. Therefore, team Aniradichita also provided solution for such problems through the play.

Plot & Story line:

The story line revolves around Ashutosh. He wants to study abroad and fails to get a proper guidance for the same. That lands him up into an unwanted situation in a strange country. Then, A friend of him helps him get out of the situation. That is how a circle of a story is completed; The hero has a problem, he struggles and at the end achieves the resolution.

Team Kanan in the play helps him with proper counselling and guidance he needed before flying to the strange country. These services and offerings include from free counselling, coaching IELTS, mock test, helping them to choose best country and university in the world, to getting their visa approved.

Cast and Performance:

The actors of team Aniradichita played various roles.  The complete cast includes Bhargav Parmar, Parshav Shah, Krishna Chauhan, Ishika Modi, Aditi Prajapati, Kishan Suthar and Hiren Suva and Dhruv Shah.

The actors of Team Aniradichita depicted all ‘Navrasa’ through their performances. Bhargav Parmar’s emotional touch and Parshav Shah’s comic timing – both together connected very well with the audience.

Aditi Prajapati played mother of Ashutosh; she did a good job as mother. Kishan Suthar played a character of Dhansukh Patel, which was a bit comic and hence, attractive character. Krishna chauhan was apt in his character, so was Dhruv Shah. Ishika Modi like always was confident with her character. Hiren Suva made his debut with team Aniradichita and he played his character very well.

Actor’s Experience:

Since it was a debut performance for Hiren Suva as an actor. let us hear it from him what he has to say about his overall experience. Hiren says, ” It was my first play with Team Aniradichita. It has been a wholesome experience of working with the entire team. Everyone was very supportive and I loved the way the team accepted me. I realized how learning can also be fun.  I was nervous but I tried to deliver my best performance. ”

Ishika Modi who represented Kanan International in the play. She says, “The overall experience was very good. But the mike issues made me a little nervous. It was my first performance in another university. So, it was fun to perform in front of lively audience of Navrachna University. Also, I learnt that sometimes situation might be adverse and therefore, as an actor you have to be alert and act accordingly.”

Dhruv Shah, he also represented Kanan International in the play. He says, “I enjoyed performing at Navrachna University. The overall vibe was great. The audience was good, they were supportive. It was just the mike issue that did not let dialogues deliver properly. I could improvise yesterday, so it felt good. There are multiple ways of improvising on the stage as an actor.”

Coming next:

Team Aniradichita also believes in creating a global community. The team wants to create a tribe of artists residing across the globe. In other words, let us grow together, evolve together and be together in the creative world of Aniradichita – Theatre and Films.  Team Aniradichita is also collaborating with Junior Chamber of India (JCI).  JCI India is a National Organization of JCI in India. Our Founder, Aniket Pandya is working with the President of JCI (Alkapuri, Vadodara),  Nirav Majumdar . Soon, team Aniradichita will be announcing upcoming projects.


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