Amrit Vidyalaya, Kalol hosted Aniradichita – Theatre and Films for ten days workshop “ANUBHAV”

Team Aniradichita completed a successful theatre workshop of ten days at Amrit Vidyalaya, Kalol.  Shree Vipin Bariya, Principal of Amrit Vidyalaya and all the teachers supported the team very well throughout the ten days of workshop. The students from standard 1st to 12th of Amrit Vidyalaya participated in the workshop. Aniket Pandya, the Founder of Aniradichita- Theatre and Films mentored all students during the entire workshop. The team had four facilitators as teachers along with Aniket Pandya. The four facilitators were Shravan Kumar, Harsh Singh, Tanvi Vishwakarma and Pranami Chauhan. 

The workshop aimed to help students to express themselves through the lens of a creative medium that is Theatre. 455 students participated in this workshop. The workshop started with the ice-breaking sessions where all teachers and artists from team Aniradichita made students comfortable to open up and engage with all the teachers. On the other day, teachers of team Aniradichita asked students to create some music with the random stuff like spoon, tiffin etc. and dance on the same music created by them.

The Team taught students creating dialogues and its importance the next day. The team conducted a session of imitating sounds of different animals, creating stories with our own imagination and performing them. Team Aniradichita also taught all students the  concept of characterization. The teachers enacted different people belonging to different age groups to give idea of acting to students. The team also gave practical demonstration of “Navrasa” to help them grow as a better actor.

Today, the young enthusiasts of Team Aniradichita were given task of taking care of different groups of students belonging to classes 5th to 9th standard according to the “Rasa” given to them. They evaluated all plays prepared by the students just an hour before the final presentation. They helped them to refine their characters. Aniket Pandya, gave his final approval for plays prepared by the students. The students depicted different ‘Rasa’ through their performances. Aniket Pandya, the mentor had divided students into nine different groups according to different “Rasa”.

 All selected students for the day from standard 5th to 9th prepared their plays by themselves. Mr. Aniket Pandya guided students very well to perform in presence of all the teachers and their parents. A blend of proper costume and make up distinctively pulled out the characters well.

The event began by welcoming the dignitaries present thereby. Shree Vipin Bariya, Principal of Amrit Vidyalaya honored Aniket Pandya as the chief guest of the day by offering a bouquet. Followed by this felicitation, Principal Sir also honored Shravan Kumar, Harsh Singh, Tanvi Vishwakarma, and Pranami Chauhan respectively with bouquet. Aniket Pandya, the Founder and Mentor gave an inspiring speech for the budding artists residing among the students of Amrit Vidyalaya. The students of 5th to 9th presented their performances. The performances of all the students were worth watching. All the teachers as well as parents appreciated the performances of students.
Shravan Sir performed a powerful monologue at the end which remained the highlight of the event. It was much loved by the students. He depicted ‘Laachari’ of a graduate who struggles to find a suitable job for him and eventually lands up being a pet dog (Human version) for a rich person. His performance evoked emotions of  helplessness despite having a degree under his name. His performance depicted all the “Navrasa” and  was like a masterclass for all the budding actors.

Shravan Kumar shared his view on his experience. He said, “My experience of ten days workshop at school has been great. Probably, I performed in front of school students for the first time. So, I was not sure that if school kids will relate to my act or not. Conversely, the students liked my performance and I was happy with their reaction.”
Finally, the badges and certificates were presented to all the students of Amrit Vidyalaya. 455 students received their certificates after the completion of all the performances. Last but not the least, Vipin Sir, Principal of Amrit Vidyalaya delivered a thought-provoking speech for the students as well as the budding teachers and artists at Aniradichita – Theatre and Films.
Team Aniradichita conducted a post-photoshoot session after completion of the event with students. All the respective class group photos highlighting their certificates were clicked with Aniket Pandya and the young teachers of team Aniradichita. It was a cherishable moment  to watch students gathering around the founder and taking his autograph. It reflected a kind of strong bonding between the Guru and the Shishya.
Shree Vipin Bariya, Principal Sir shared his views on theatre workshop for ten days at school. He said, “We wanted to give students an exposure to creative concepts along with the academics and that was exactly offered by Aniradichita – Theatre and Films through this workshop. It is very important for students to learn and understand the importance of communication and self-expression. Theatre is a medium that lets you express yourself and that is what also reflects in our students, they are more confident now. They have potential of expressing themselves on stage without any fear. It was a blend of thoughtful and fun activities. I am very thankful to Aniket Pandya and his team.”
This collaboration between Aniradichita – Theatre and Films and Amrit Vidyalaya, Kalol has been a great success. This is not the end yet this is just a beginning of a new chapter and many more such collaborations to come in future.

Soon, Aniradichita – Theatre and Films is coming up with new exciting announcements on World Theatre Day.

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