An anthology of four romantic stories across four age groups connected by the magical thread known as love.

The movie is so affectionately made with charming exhibitions, aesthetic visuals and emotive music (by Pradeep Kumar) that sublimely supplement the insightful writing.”Look around there’s love everywhere”, says Mukilan to Madhu, and that is by all accounts what the chief appears to have done. All through the four stories, Halitha attempts to characterize what love implies at various phases of our lives- during adolescence,it is unconditional and unrequited ; during 20’s, it is a mix of the physical and emotional; during middle age – it implies closeness while at the label end of our lives,stands for companionship.

All things considered this film is a much needed refresher and it waits on with a message of thoughtfulness love regard acknowledgment for the individuals in your lives.

Pink Bag
Kakka Kadi
Hey Ammu

The film has one decent vibe, flawlessly portraying love across various age gatherings, beginning from an adolescent ragpicker who has his first pulverize sitting tight for a pink trash pack, showing a thing or two on liberality and love to other important soul mixing sentiment, it leaves you with a cheerful and positive vibe, and is well in line with the present crowd while leaving us a couple of contemplations to consider on.. Like a man whose life partner dumps him when he breaks the report about his as of late recognised malignant growth, and he proceeds to discover genuine affection at the most impossible time of his battle with the sickness, which thusly invigorates him to defeat his disease. At that point there is a short tale about the relationship of a couple of 12 years, and how ‘ammu’ or alexa plays impetus to the lost sentiment in their lives, to stir or revive the sparkle that was missing .. In conclusion the lovely story of a couple in the sundown years who get together unintentionally and how they choose to be the accomplices in the excursion towards the remainder of their lives. The accounts are contacting.. Exchanges are eccentric and clever with jokes, tales, ideal selection of words. Despite the fact that taboo and a couple of more words were articulated the Indian way, inaccurately.

“We like only a few things in each other,yet we believe we love a person whole heartedly that make believe factor is love” says Madhu in Sillu Karupatti. This dialogue completely expresses the idea of ‘What is love?’ in a beautiful manner.

By Rajrita Chattopadhyay

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