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Nov 24 2021

Knight Tales: The Greatest Knights of the Middle Ages Alexander Meddings

he knight in shining armor and the damsel in distress are two of the Middle Age’s most enduring clichés. Through…

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Dec 5 2020

Masaan: Journey of Devi

Directed by Niraj Ghyawan and written by Varun Grover, Masaan is a film that delves deep into the affair between life and death. With a backdrop of Varanasi, we see the life of the characters taking a sharp arc, which can come as both shocking and heartbreaking. Though all the characters are flawsome, today we are going to analyse the character of Devi.

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Ruchi Joshi
Nov 23 2020

The role of Short films in Education

Every filmmaker has incredible opportunity to showcase creative art and ideas, they also have chance to present meaningful message through the short films. Short films can represent significant stories, relevant gist of long storylines and give refreshing content to viewers, because it has specific purpose and highlighted topics under the short storytelling

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Yukta Bhavsar