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Apr 4 2022

Why Theatre is Better Than Cinema

Theatre performances differ greatly from film, having their origins in ancient religious ceremonies opposed to the latter’s early 20th century…

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Saahil Vankar
Oct 18 2021

What does a Production Manager do?

A Production Manager works with the management team, technical crew and Designers to make sure the technical elements of a…

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Oct 16 2021

Famous Theatre Artists In India Who Reached Pinnacles In Bollywood

The theatre blurs the line of a screen between its makers and the audience. It is a place where emotions…

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Nov 23 2020

Is Theatre Dying?

Theatre was once what film is today. In actuality, it was likely much more. It was, other than being a vehicle of amusement, a device for feeling building, social changes and for uniting individuals. For very long, theatre, however a male-overwhelmed stage by then of time, was a more presumed medium than film. Strangely, when Dadasaheb Phalke needed to film his fantasy venture he was unable to locate any female entertainers to act in it.

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Afifa naziraly