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Nov 9 2020

Spanish Golden Age Theatre

Spanish golden age was somewhere between 1500s till late 1600s, it was a period of Aesthetics and Literature. There was an extra-ordinary growth seen in these fields during this period. Other countries had their Golden age, but Spanish golden age was full of art and achievements.

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Nov 7 2020

Augusto Boal

Brazilian author and theatre practitioner Augusto Boal, born on 16th march 1931, grew up in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He earned a degree in chemical engineering in 1952. However, Boal was interested in theatre since he was a child so when he studied at Columbia university in New York City, he studied theatre in addition to chemical engineering. Boal began his career in theatre with The Arena Theatre in Sao Paulo in 1956, where he worked as an artistic director.

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Nov 6 2020

Journey from old school to new school theatre

Indian theatre has a whole history of more than 2,000 years. Theatre has been a piece of our way of life from the beginning of the general public framework. The root of theatre can be followed back to the Sanskrit Theatre.

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