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Apr 19 2022

What Does Feminist Film Theory Say?

When contextualizing feminism and cinema, the idea is not to merely look at films as a cultural industry but also…

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Saahil Vankar
Dec 11 2020

Lessons to learn from Disney Princesses

Each and every young girl’s fantasy is to be a Disney princess, to live in a castle and marry their prince charming. Most likely every single one longed for it at least once during their childhood. Disney princesses have developed over numerous years and have pulled in even the more seasoned women. For over 80 years of Disney princess history, a genuine evolution of female characters has occurred and it is straightforwardly related with what was going on in the society. Disney have always shown the princess’s life in way that one wants and desires, to be a princess every single day, even though we admit that this can’t happen in real life, still dreaming doesn’t cost a fortune, right?

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