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May 5 2022

Know how theatre enhances the beauty of your life

The theatre is a vibrant way of presenting different colours of life on stage. It includes all the arts like…

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Saahil Vankar
Oct 21 2021

Tango Dance – Types, Techniques and Influence

Tango dance is one the most famous partner dances that emphasizes the vibrant and playful style of movement, rich expressions,…

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Nov 7 2020

Bhavai: The Folk Theatre of Gujarat

The origin of the word ‘Bhavai’ came from ‘Bhaav-Shiv/ भाव-शिव’ and ‘Bhaav Sutradhar / भाव-सत्रधार’. Later on people introduced simpler term for Bhavai word . BHAV means emotion and VAHINI means carrier, combination of both the words leads us to the art form which is a carrier of emotion from storyteller to the story listener.

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Yukta Bhavsar