Sufna is a film about pure love and the sacrifices one can give to see the other one happy and successful.

Teg, an orphaned young girl whose mother was a Muslim Kashmiri and father was a sardar army soldier lives with her uncle’s family(father’s elder brother). As told by the officials, Teg’s father was lost since many years but she never believed this and waited for him everyday thinking that he would come back. She would stare at the road standing everyday waiting for her father saying “fauji aaoga”. Her aunt would beat her up and make her do all the household chores, her cousins would not let her play with them and everybody in the house would dominate her in every possible way.Even after so much of torture she never complained about anything and kept smiling.

Years passed and she grew up into a young girl and when winter came her whole family went to a village as cotton pluckers and stayed there for some months. During this time she met Jeet, who fell in love with her at first sight. He was a silent lover and he would do all household chores of Teg when she would work in the field without letting anyone know. When Tegh came to know about this, she also started liking him and slowly fell in love. Both of them would meet, sit next to each other and just talk. Tegh motivated Jeet to study hard and get a decent job so that he would buy the land for which his father committed suicide. Misunderstanding this as her greediness for money, Jeet started going to college in the city and stayed in a hostel. After the misunderstanding was cleared he came back to meet her and after a couple of days went back. This continued till the last year of Jeet’s college after which he took some test for a job. Teg’s engagement was fixed about which she told Jeet after she was engaged with someone else. She broke the relationship with him so that he would not get distracted from the study. Just before a couple of days of her marriage, Jeet managed to talk to Teg with a help of a friend on a phone call and told her to wait for just 2 days for him after which he would come and take her. She agreed by telling him that she would hide under a box in the storeroom of the house where she used to work as a maid. After 2 days he came and took her with him and surprised her that he has been chosen as an army officer. He took these 2 days to make her dream true. And her belief of “Fauji aaoga” was proven true.

In today’s age, there are few romantic films made which do not have any intimate scenes. “Sufna” is one of those films. It is a pure love story of Teg and Jeet expressing their love by caring and respecting each other. The love story is simple and realistic.
The starting of the film is highly emotional with the establishing scenes of little Teg remembering her parents by looking at their last souvenirs and talking to them by imaging them.

There is something special about Punjabi films which are set in the village. It will look very realistic and relatable for those who have either experienced or know about village life. Without unwanted dramatisation of events, this films successfully told the story it wanted to.

Written and Directed by Jagdeep Sindu, the story flows with ease. Humour and emotions are very nicely combined in the film. The film very subtly shifts from an emotional scene to a comedy scene within seconds. There is not a single moment which is uninteresting. The film is engaging throughout its duration.

Ammy Virk has played the role of Jeet with perfection. He has nailed the comedy scenes with his comic timings. Tania as Teg has also given a good performance. She has beautifully performed the emotional and intense scenes through right portrayal of expressions. She has also nailed the light hearted comedy scenes through her innocence and dialogues.

The songs of the film like “Jaan deyan ge, Shukriya and Ammi” are really it’s backbone. The songs are played in the background at the right time. The lyrics are meaningful and impactful. Every song is melodious and rich in lyrics and music. It has one of the best playlists in recent times.

This is a must watch latest Punjabi film filled with emotions and humour with a strong story line.

By- Preeti Dalal


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