A short film is a modest method to decide whether you should proceed onward to highlight films, or on the off chance that you need more experience with specific parts of film making. Short movies can be the path of your feature film which you intend to make in future. In layman term, a short film is any movie not long enough in running time but to be viewed as a feature film. Several people simply love short movies. Two-hour motion pictures are extraordinary for the vast majority, yet there are numerous individuals who love to watch short movies. Making a short film is harder than it seems, since you need to fit a whole story into a particularly short amount of time. While in feature films, you can take as long as you need to recount the total story, so there’s not as much weight. Also, Short films are infrequently beneficial, 22% of people out of 2.5 billion web users overall watch short movies. Short film gives one a great deal of time to discover your voice as a filmmaker.

105 years of Shree Pundalik, first Indian feature-length production:  Groundbreaking films in Indian cinema - Education Today News
Still from Shree Pundalik- First Indian Short-Silent Film (Source: Google)

Before 1910s, films in cinema were short, sometimes running only one moment or less. After that movies began to get longer than around ten minutes. In 1894, Thomas Edison’s gadget called a kinetoscope which presented several sets of movies, the gadget permitted one watcher to see a series of photos in movie form of a story. It was made for singular survey as it were. Comedy short movies were created in huge numbers contrasted with extensive highlights, for example, D. W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation. Through trying different things with strategies and advancements, Hiralal Sen an early filmmaker from India made the main Indian short film in 1898. 1912 then observed the first screened Indian silent movie, Shree Pundalik, directed by Dadasaheb Torne. By 1920s, various categories in short films occurred such as Travelogues, Cartoon and Newsreel. Majority of producers created Animated cartoon films. The animated work of studios was included such as Walt Disney Productions, Warner Bros later by 1940s. In mid-1950s, short films became a medium for autonomous and specialty work, and student. Animation shorts had a more extended life, due partially to the usage of low-cost l limited animation strategies and the ascent of TV animation, which permitted shorts to have both dramatic runs and a syndication afterlife. By the 1960s, the market for animated shorts had generally moved to Television, with existing dramatic shorts being partnered to Television.

Series such as Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker and The Pink Panther were prominent during 1960s-70s. Disney has likewise produced animated shorts since 2007 with the Goofy short How to Hook Up Your Home Theater and created a progression of surprisingly realistic ones highlighting The Muppets for review on YouTube as viral recordings to advance the 2011 film of a similar name. In 2010 and 2012 Warner Bros. likewise produced new Looney Tunes shorts before family films. Short movies are a common first stage for new producers, yet proficient actors and groups regularly still decide to make short movies as an elective type of expression. Amateur filmmaking has filled in prevalence as gear has gotten more open.

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Looney Tunes (Source: Google)

Regardless of whether it’s the arrangement, treatment or substance, the universe of movies is truly advancing. What’s more, that short film is the one that stands apart from other feature films. The short film design is not, at this point one-off or exploratory. Throughout the long term, it has developed immensely, involving many actors in the way. Many actors from the industry can be seen in various short films and continue to do so. Short films have come a long way and are in a way budget friendly than a feature film, say it as a warming up before the actual race yet good short films are a treat to your eyes.

List of must-watch short films

  1. World of Tomorrow
  2. Bypass
  3. The Phone Call
  5. The Music Box
  6. Ahalya
  7. Crossroads
  8. That Day After Every Day
  9. Chutney
  10. Interior Café Night

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