Satte Pe Satta
Directed by Raj N Sippi and written by Satish Bhatnagar, Kadar khan and Jyoti Swarup, Satte Pe Satta is an adaptation of the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Hollywood film) which was released in 1954.

The film stars Amitabh Bachchan(Ravi Anand/Babu), Hema Malini(Indu), Sudhir(Som Anand), Shakti Kapoor(Mangal Anand), Panital(Budh Anand), Kunwaljit Singh (Guru Anand), Vikram Sahu(Shukra Anand), Sachin Pilgaonkar( Shani Anand) and Amjad Khan(Ranjit Singh) amongst others.

Some Minutes apart

Satte Pe Satta is a story of 7 brothers who lived in a large farmhouse far from the city. They were orphaned at a very small age and because of that Ravi, the eldest brother took care of all of them. They were uneducated, uncivilised and ugly and were unaware of the worldly life.

After a series of events Ravi falls in love with Indu who is a nurse by profession in the city. They got married but Ravi hides the truth from Indu about his brothers and tells her that he has only 1 brother that is Sunny. While reaching home Indu gets to know the truth and by getting to know the brothers she decides to get them on track. Once when the other 6 brothers were enjoying their picnic near the beach they fell in love with a group of 6 girls who were friends and used to take care of a Paraplegic heiress friend Shaanti. After some time the girls also started feeling the same about the boys. The story takes a turn with the entry of Babu, who is criminal hired by Shaanti’s uncle to kill her so that he can be the owner of her wealth.

Movies like Satte Pe Satta are the ones which hold on to the true essence of The Hindi film industry. The best quality of the film is the nice blend of various genres in 2hr 45mins. It travels through comedy, drama, romance, action and musical in a great way and just-right proportions.

Hindi films are known for entertainment and Satte Pe Saate is one of the best example of such a film. This 1982 film is truly a MASALA movie, with 0% vulgarity, 0% adult scenes and a 100% family watch. This movie is not an one time watch film which is the remark associated with most of the Masala films today; instead, it’s a film you can watch again and again and never get bored of it.

It was delight to watch Mr Bachchan playing a double role as Ravi and Babu through which he showcased his talent of playing an authoritative but caring elder brother, a romantic lover and a villain in just one film and doing justice to both the characters of Ravi and Babu.

Hema Malini wins our heart with her performance as Indu in the film and it will be right to say that she stole all my attention towards herself in her all her scenes as it was such a delight to watch her play the role perfectly. She was able to do this with her 1st introductory scene where she meets Ravi who started shouting on her and blaming her for a mistake she never committed to which Indu answered back with equal anger.

Since the cast of the film was huge, it didn’t create any mess; everybody played their roles nicely and accompanied each other. The best scenes of the film were surely the scenes of all the 7 brothers fighting together, laughing together and crying together. These 7 brothers, who were ready to fight for small things, got jealous of their own younger brother Sunny and played a prank on him and also got worried about the same brother when he got injured. These brothers fought with each other and fought for each other.
Minute details were taken care for instance in the scene where Mangal’s (Shakti Kapoor) shuttering speech was included in the songs. The efforts of The Director and Composers are truly appreciable for such work.

Drunk Ravi

The film has a total of 7 songs and it was difficult to choose one favourite song from the list of evergreen super hit melodies like Dilbar Mere, Zindagi Milke Bitayenge and Mausam Mastana amongst others. The voice of Kishore Kumar, R.D Burman and Asha Bhosle melts your hearts and fills it with joy.
The film was so interesting that it had my attention for every minute and every second. The use of chain khulee kee main khulee kee chain by the brothers to gain strength and unite was an innovative idea.
Films like these make your day.


By- Preeti Dalal

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