At a time when romance dominated the scene, the Indian filmmaker made another recipe for progress, and a key fixing was the Angry Young Man. Prakash Mehra, born on 13th July known for hid blockbuster films and was one of the pioneers of masala films (are those that mix genres in one work. Typically these films freely mix action, comedy, romance, and drama or melodrama They also tend to be musicals that include songs, often filmed in picturesque locations) along with Indian film directors like Nasir Hussain and Manmohan Desai.

His collaboration with the Veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, resulted in several box office hit films and classics in the history of Bollywood. And due to this, he was also considered among the ‘Golden Directors’ of his time.

As a director, Mehra was experimental. When sentimental escapades overwhelmed the scene, he began making films speaking to the dissatisfaction and battles of the regular individual confronted with the shades of malice of society. He was one of the first director to attempt his luck in Hollywood in the late ’80s, with a film considered The God Connection that, sadly never got made.

On 11th May the film completed its 47 years.

After crushing the box office with Zanjeer, Mehra teamed up with Bachchan on a number of big hits including the comedy Hera Pheri (1976), Muqaddar ka Sikandar (1978), Laawaris (1981), Namak Halal (1982) and Sharaabi (1984).

Prakash Mehra died of pneumonia and multiple organ failure on 17 May 2009 in Mumbai, at the age of 69.

His notable works include:

By Rajrita Chattopadhyay

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