Abhivyaktitvam – A Special Theatre Workshop For Special Ones

Art saves lives, art improves one’s personality, art develops values in our lives, art works as an expressive therapy, art not only serves as a hobby but also as a source of income to many. In a society where special children are looked down upon, we are taking a step to inculcate artistic streak in them through theatre activities. This year we, at Aniradichita, celebrated World Mental Health Day with the mentally special children of Astitva foundation. Want to know what we did with them?

Aniradichita Theatre and Films in association with the Astitva Foundation brought this time a workshop with mentally challenged children to celebrate the World Mental Health Day on 10th October, 2020. A theatre workshop that covered many art forms.There was acting in the workshop, dance, music and a lot of fun. We are going to continue this workshop for an entire month to cultivate love for theatre and drama in the children while also helping them nurture their abilities.

A format of special activities have been formulated to provide children with understanding of expressions, body language, motor skills, stimuli and reflexes. Through the varied activities these children had a fun time learning and improving their skills. A one month long Theatre workshop ‘Abhivyaktitvam’ shall be conducted by Aniradichita to enhance their life skills.

To know more about the workshop and being a part of it, please help us reach you!

You can also support us by donating for this cause and help us setup a performance arena for them.


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