“Make the best out of what life has given you” one motto that Mr Pinal Patel believes in. It started with a dairy which he calls RZ dairy at Anand. Eventually from dairy business it went towards the fashion industry where he established ‘Paridhaan Fashion’ in Vidhyanagar.

Each and every venture that Pinal Patel has taken up demands excellence because both of these ventures within a few years have become the top player in their respective market. While RZ dairy is now the biggest supplier of milk to Amul with 1200 cows; Paridhaan fashion has established itself as one of the most exclusive design studio in Vidhyanagar

Apart from these two Mr Pinal Patel also has a venture in the entertainment business where he makes movies under the banner of RZ entertainment.

He has also dedicated himself into social services, where he runs a shelter for cows called Shri Krishna gaushala. He and his team takes care of cows who are abandoned by their owners “We feed them until they die; we take care of those who can’t speak for themselves” said Mr Pinal Patel while talking about his shelter.

What made him inclined towards social service when his family business had always been around tobacco? “At a very young age I had decided; why sell death when you can save lives instead? So, I tried to save lives of these animals” said Mr Patel while talking about his shelter.

“We are trying to get as many people as possible on board to run the shelter so that there is no awareness and people understand that these animals need help” he said.

While talking about his upcoming projects in 2020, he shared exclusive details of his new business venture in the healthcare where he is launching a new gym called our gym. Apart from this he is also starting a line of Salon called I & E where I stands for Ivory and E stands for Ebony

He is also starting RZ talent where he would be staffing and giving chance to new talent. Mr Pinal Patel also feel strongly about children’s education as he believes in the ideology that kids are like clay and in order to have a better future we need to guide that clay through the hands of proper education; only then there would be responsible citizens who could withhold the pot in proper place”