Miloni is a simple shy introvert girl with fair complexion from a middle-class Gujarati family. She has cleared CA intern as a topper. On the other side of the story is Rafi( dark complexion), a photographer at The Gateway of India. Whatever Rafi manages to earn for the whole month he sends it to his grandmother(Dadi) who lives in a village in UP. Apart from his dadi, he has 2 married sisters as a part of the family. Rafi is overburdened with family responsibilities and his main goal is to clear all the loans and get their house back. Dadi stops her medication as a protest against Rafi as he was not ready to marry anyone. To this Ravi sends Milon’s picture which is clicked at The Gateway once and lied to Dadi by saying that he has found a girl whose name is Noorie. Dadi got overexcited and planned to come to Mumbai to meet Noorie. Somehow Rafi manages to find Miloni and asked her to pose as Noorie in front of his Dadi for just one day. But they kept meeting even afterwards with Dadi being the excuse/reason.

Miloni finds a way to share her memories and feelings with Rafi and Rafi also shared his childhood memories and his struggles in life. Both of them get attracted to each other and develop some feelings. They also started caring about each other. Their worlds were different, in fact, opposite, but somehow they developed a connection.

There are many films made to show the dark side and deep secrets of our world. But in this film, the work of director Ritesh Batra is above par. He has brought the reality of human emotions and relations on screen as they are, without any external glorification.

The relationship between Rafi and Miloni was blurry as it was not given any name. Whatever it was, it was pure. Both of them always kept thinking about each other even when they were with someone else.

Sanya Malhotra totally got into the shoes of Miloni…..Her body language, clothes and expressions spoke more about her than herself.

Nawazuddin Siddiqi didn’t seemed acting at all. His acting skills made it look effortless and very natural. It seemed that it comes to him naturally, and he never speak any given lines, but what actually came to his mind instinctively.

Both Rafi and Miloni were introverts and the doors of their hearts were closed for the world. They told each other about their likings and childhood memories, about which they were never seen talking to someone else. Both of them had fewer dialogues but whatever they had, they delivered them in the best possible way. Their silence expressed more than their words.

The film was slow but was not boring as it kept moving. This film is a work of amazing lucid cinematography which rightfully portrayed both the worlds.

The film as such didn’t have any songs but its background music was impactful and was well synthesized and timed with the visuals.

The title of the film- Photograph is just perfect and suits it, as a simple photograph acted like a bridge between the Rafi and Miloni and their opposite worlds. Photograph brought these 2 souls together by being a medium.

The writer left the story with suspense at the end to be filled with the audience’s imagination. This is one of the most underrated films of Hindi Film Industry in my opinion. The film was touching and realistic.

By- Preeti Dalal



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