Directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Clean State Films Phillauri is a romantic comedy film sailing between 2 different eras.

Kanan, Canada return rapper comes to India to marry his childhood girlfriend Anu. As suggested by the priest, be marries a tree before marrying Anu as he is a Manglik. After he marries the tree it is cut down according to the rituals. After that day a spirit of Shashi haunts him saying that she used to live on that tree and he married the tree which means that he has married Shashi. Shashi is visible to only him which created a lot of confusion and drama. Shashi narrates her story to him. Back in the 1910s, she was raised by her brother who was a doctor. She used to write poems and published them in the name of Phillauri as she wanted to hide her identity because girls were not supposed to write poems. Roop Laal Phillauri, a spoilt man is famous in the village because of his singing, and all the girls are attracted towards him. Finding Shashi not attracted towards him he confronts him to which Shashi says to him that he should use his voice to spread good messages instead of wasting it for other things. He gets inspired with this and starts singing poems of Phillauri. Soon Shashi reveals that she is Phillauri and after some time love blossoms between the two. Finding out this truth his brother becomes against this and Roop decides to prove himself there he goes to the city and records his songs and sends the money he receives to Phillauri’s brother saying that he will be back on Baisakhi for the wedding but never returns. Seeing her brother embarrassed in front of villagers, Shashi commits suicide by hanging herself to that tree. She is also pregnant at that time. After hearing this story Kanan feels sympathy towards her. Kanan also tells the same story to Annu. When Anu’s grandmother tells Kanan to say something good about Anu, Shashi recites her poem which Kanan repeats and the grandmother completes it by saying that it is his favourite tracks from 1919 from the poet Roop Laal which was his last poem. Kanan realises that the year was 1919 and the day was Baisakhi when the Jallianwala Bagh incident happened where Roop Laal was one of those people who died. He takes Phillauri and Anu to the Jallianwala Bagh where Phillauri reunites with the spirit of Roop Laal and leaves.

This film is almost like a fairy tale with a happy ending. Both the eras are portrayed well in the film. Humour is incorporated in the film with the scenes of making fun of Kanan getting scared by Shashi. Suraj Sharma, the Life of Pie actor has nailed the role of Kanan who is a confused and innocent person with his expression.

Anushka Sharma as Shashi has also given a strong performance as a translucent ghost who is funny. She has adopted the role of Shashi in the 1910s era with ease which looks realistic. Diljit Dosanjh as Roop laal has played the scenes of him singing very realistically. Overall his performance is decent and impressive.

The first half of the film is slow but it gears the speed in the second half. The concept of the film is new and raw and it is well treated by the writer and director. The transactions of past and present are smooth not creating any jerk. Music is surely the soul of the film.

All the songs are well written with string music specially Sahiba and Dum Dum. The film is worth watching as it has a good combination of comedy and romance.

By- Preeti Dalal


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