Saari badi badi baatein women empowerment ki ..Mai ek Maa hu aur Maa ke koi sapne nahi hote..

This simple dialogue by Kangana Ranaut as Jaya represents every Indian mother who has left everything behind to make the lives of their children.

Panga is a story about Jaya Nigam, who is a former national Kabaddi player who left her career in sports to take care of her family and joined the Indian railway as a ticketing staff. Even after sacrificing her whole career in kabaddi, her child Aditya is still ungrateful to her and questions her as “What has she done for him?”, but soon realises his mistake and ask Jaya to make a comeback in Kabaddi. Jaya hesitates at first but then decides to at least give it a try. Her loving husband Prashant and her mother stood against this but after a certain time, Prashant realised his mistake and became a backbone for Jaya. Apart from determination and hard work, Jaya’s family was with her which ultimately resulted in Jaya’s selection in the national team.

People often say that women are powerful and multi-taskers. A woman has multiple roles to play such as that of a sister, a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law and many others but still, forgets their first identity as human beings like others who also have emotions and dreams like others.

One more important and relevant thing in the film was about the actual flag bearers of patriarchy in the society i.e., women themselves, and in this context Jaya’s mother. Played by Neena Gupta, Jaya’s mother represented the true mindset of a major section of women in India who are without any doubt one of the main reasons behind their own miseries.

One line for some characters:

1) Adi is like every Indian kid who sometimes says things which hurt their parents and afterwards realise their mistake.
2) Prashant played by Jassi Gill is a loving and caring husband who is hesitant to support his wife earlier but later became her backbone. He’s an idol husband.
3) Meenu played by Richa Chadda is Jaya’s friend who knows the harsh reality of the society and has her own ways to deal with it. Her character brings happiness and joy in the movie.
This is one of the finest performance of Kangana Ranaut and all other actors.

Ashwiny Iyer’s way of storytelling is impressive as the film delivers the message by engaging the audience and entertaining them. She succeeds to portray the real Indian society with its negative aspects.

By- Preeti Dalal


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