Panchayat is a web series of 8 episodes produced by TVF and available on Amazon Prime. It’s the story of Abhishek Tripathi who is an engineering graduate posted in Phulera village of Uttar Pradesh as a Panchayat secretary.
Episode 1-Abhishek discusses with his friend Biswapati Sarkar that he should have worked hard in the school time and got into a good college. Since he didn’t have a degree from a well-renowned college he didn’t get a healthy package job. And that now he had to live in a village as a Panchayat secretary with just 20k salary. He went to the village where lifestyle facilities were in poor condition and the powers of Pradhan were exercised by Brij Mohan Dubey, the husband of actual Pradhan Manju Devi.

Episode 2- Bhoota Ped- Several solar lights were provided to the village by the govt so that when there is an electricity cut, the village could be lighted. All the members of ward installed solar lights in front of their houses and the last one was to be installed near a Bhoota ped( haunted tree) but Abhishek wanted that to be installed near his office/home so that he could study for CAT.

Episode 3- Chakke Waali Kursi – Abhishek brought a chair with small wheels attached to it. The Pradhan and deputy Pradhan misunderstood it as the power getting diverted to the secretary.
Episode 4- Abhishek was given the task to spread awareness to have only 2 children in a family by the DM office through slogans written on walls. But villagers got offended by those slogans. Watch the show to know more.

The web series is not just about Abhishek Tripathi and his struggles in the village instead it is about how things function at the grass-root level of India that is; in the villages. TVF has always come up with shows close to reality and their stories are relatable to those who have experienced those kinds of scenarios in life.

In this web series, there are no unwanted, overdramatic events with loud background music, instead, each episode is based on events which can actually happen with anyone in reality.

The makers have stressed on small minute details to make it look more realistic like:

  1. Pradhan Ji giving a bottle gourd to Abhishek to convince him every time.
  2. Manju Devi and Pradhan Ji arguing over the Pradhan Ji’s decision of providing free milk to Abhishek.

The Kota Factory actor, Jitender Kumar has totally lived up to our expectations this time. After watching him as Jeetu bhaiya in Kota Factory, he became a star for teenagers in the country and this time also he has delivered a good performance. His way of using his eyes for expressing feelings is commendable. He has expressed frustration and anger very well.
Neena Gupta as Manju Devi, Raghubir Yadav as Pradhan Ji, Faisal Malik as Prahlad and Chandan Roy as Vikas are truly the stars of this web series. Each of them gave performances which had an impact on the overall web series and their roles took the story forward. Each of them along with Jitender has equally delivered equally amazing performances. Their team effort is are the reason behind the series being so good. Dialogues are pretty simple and therefore the series is not dramatic and far from reality. These dialogues combined with local dialect are the reason this web series look so realistic and grounded.

Humour is present in every episode in a very subtle way as well as loud. There are laughs because of 2 reasons; delivery of perfectly timed dialogues and the things happening around them.

It is surely a binge-watch series but you can also watch it over a period of time since every episode is like a new chapter.

By- Preeti Dalal


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