Directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia OUT of LOVE is a story of betrayal and extramarital affair based on the DOCTOR FOSTER by Mike Bartlett.

Meera and Akarsh were married for many years and had a son Adi. Meera, a doctor by profession suspects his husband to be cheating on her with some other woman after she finds a highlighted brown hair on Akarsh’s shirt. she behaves normally while she was digging facts for the same. After spying him she finds out that he was having an affair with the Alia- the daughter of his business partner Kartik Kashyap, who was always almost half of his age. Meera also gave Akarsh a chance to confess the truth but he didn’t. Meera then seduced their neighbour who was also Akarsh’s CA to get account information. As a result, she found out that he has even mortgaged their house for his business without even asking her. Meera and Akarsh went for a dinner to their business partner Kashyap’s and on the dinner table, Meera revealed his truth in front of the other family. The next day Akarsh and Meera in indulged in a violent act after which Akarsh finally chose to separate from Meera and to be with Alia Kashyap. Later Akarsh and Alia left for Delhi to start a new life leaving Meera and Adi in Kannur.

The web series had a strong storyline from which it was never distracted at any point in time. With every new episode, a new layer was revealed making the story more interesting. Tigmanshu Dhulia’s direction is very strong and on point as he brought all the various aspects of the relationship on-screen and maintained suspense in the web series. The series was based on the beautiful city of Kannur and the director used the location in an interesting way by contrasting the beauty and peace of the city with complicated human relationships.

The protagonist Meera Kapoor is the one who was betrayed and cheated even after being an ideal wife, an ideal mother and an ideal daughter-in-law. She came out as a woman of very strong willpower who would do anything to get the truth out and punish Akarsh for his doings. She was unapologetic for whatever she did. Rushika as Meera totally owned the role. She effortlessly switched from a happy person to a disturbed lady to a violet person who can even threat men. When you watch the series you will know how brilliantly she has managed to be the centre of attraction of the show and proved that it was her story.

There are many layers to every character and with every episode, each one layer comes out as a surprise and therefore suspense is always maintained throughout the web series. It’s a perfect web series to watch for a person craving a lot of drama looking forward to binge-watch good series. Although the series is a drama but at times it would appear as a thriller because of its narrative and the way the story is being recited.

By- Preeti Dalal


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