It started with birdsflying across oceans to take a message that were shorter than twitter’s word limit, then it moved towards humans who again would travel for miles to send or receive one message. This gradually increased towards the postmen, telegraph, newspapers, radios, T.V. and finally stopped to computers and mobiles. It was internet that first connected the world globally and it is social media that has turned the world upside down. Social media changed the way consumers think and work today, which makes it the most important and crucial part of any business, concept and an individual because it is also one of the fastest, cheapest and the easiest way to reach your target audience.

Each social media platform is different than the other and thus the kind of content that is shared on each is different too.

Social media services that are provided by Aniradichita:

Facebook: We would tell you how huge this platform is, but chances are, you might already know. It’s one of firsts of its kind and it has since been the shark of the social media business. The kind of audience and reach that is generated here is usuallyimpacts to half of the world. Our team of experts at Aniradichita will help you navigate this mammoth of social media business.

Instagram: Welcome to the game of hashtags, hashtag discovery, hashtag influencing. Instagram is just like another giant but with a better game of photos and videos compared to othersocial media. If you don’t know how to go around Instagram not to worry, we’ve mastered this game and we’ve got it covered for you.

LinkedIn: When it comes to the audience of the serious corporate world, the hacks are different and so is the approach. LinkedIn is basically Facebook but a more work oriented than fun oriented and that’s is also why we need to change the web strategy here too. So, how to find reach here? Leave that to us, we’ve got it under control.

YouTube: Play! Pause! Rewind! We’re running out of time! A picture can convey thousand words and a video can leave impact on someone for years. In the world where its all about going viral with videos popping up every other hour, companies are also picking up their paces and are trying to match up with the digital spear. YouTube can lead you and your brand in a customer’s heart forever. That is if you make videos and plan the strategies in a way that connects with the audience and that gives you an edge over your competitors.

These web sites work on complex algorithms and these algorithms need to be cracked with the proper SEO, SEM and SMM for these algorithms to catch hold of our site and make it the first that the consumers click. For that to happen all the three need to work in harmony. What is SEO? What is SEM? How does all this work and How can it bring your site on the first page of google search engine is a good question to ask whose answer you’ll find once you read the next page.