In the age of WhatsApp and internet slangs, does anyone even uses e-mails? The answer to that question would be yes, they do. Emails are still a thing and are very important part of corporate world. When we talk about e-mails though, we are not taking you back in times of the good old days when internet was just introduced to the world. Even in 2021 emails remain an important element of marketing strategy because e-mails are convenient, direct, timely, and they provide what you need to know in a way that works best for the consumer mindset. The reach is widespread and specific to your client’s needs and preferences. It is still an efficient way to invest in your business and continually expand your circle as the potential is limitless.

Beautifullycrafted e-mails can make a huge impact on your target audience, they can push your target audience to feel more connected to the brand in terms of being updated with where your brand is headed, what is going on with the schemes and how can they reach out to you and your company.

E-mail marketing is to promote your brand and grow your business with strategically designed e-mails. We, at Aniradichita, design your emails into a professionally cut template in no time! We choose to start with a template library or make a new design from the scratch. These designs are custom made just for your brand that match your style and your audience.

Newsletters, Transactional emails, B2B and much more. No matter what your campaign objective is we, at Aniradichita, have a template for you! Thanks to the same tech,getting your emails ready is a walk in the park. Thus, we reach inboxes quicker than you can say the word ‘e-mail’.

It’s not just about the template but also about the content, whether it is about the discounts that you’ve to offer or the new schemes to be introduced on festive season. Content is what makes the costumer aware. We bring your e-mail content to life by dynamically adding text such as your contact’s name using personalization, or even go further with our advanced e-mail personalization options. Adding personalization to your e-mails can help you increase your open rate (total number of opened mails) by 26%.

Personalize emails helps to address your subscribers directly by their first name and in a way your e-mail becomes more intimate with the costumer and gives connect.

All you need to do is brief us about what you need to tell your audience and let us handle the hard stuff! Find the best messages being sent at the perfect timings with the click of a button using our machine learning- powered send time optimization. This feature helps us to send mails on specific times to specific people. Features so smart, you’ll feel like we have a digital marketing PhD!

Now, to answer more of your questions you can easily reach us at the given email address or you can contact us on this number to know more because at Aniradichita, we are happy to help.